DIY Style Trends to Make You Stand Out

While designer pieces and luxe RTW pieces can make you stylish, it is better if you create your own sense of style. Here are some easy-to-accomplish DIY style trends that can make you stand out, wherever you might be.

Update your Outerwear

A moto jacket is a great investment, as it can render you stylishly nippy during the cold months. However, if you have outgrown the rocker-chic look of your moto jacket, you need not completely disregard this outerwear. You can revamp your style simply by wearing a vest on top of your moto jacket.

fur vest and moto jacket

moto jacket and vest

Redefine your Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a timeless staple that can keep you warm and stylish. However, you can create a completely different look by using your denim jacket as a chambray shirt. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.
tattered denim jacketbelted denim jacket

Revamp your Clutch

Maybe you are tired of the look of your old clutch. Or maybe the pleather has been chipped off through the years. Instead of buying a new one, you can create a ‘new’ look by covering it with an interesting fabric. You can use your old or unused tops with unique textures/styles for a chic clutch that fits your budget.

diy gold clutch diy lace clutch

DIY Chain Belt

A chain belt is a great addition to any of your outfits. While there are many styles available in the market, you can create one for your own. All you just need to do is link your old necklaces and purse chains together. By doing so, you can enjoy a chain belt that is uniquely your own.

diy gold chain belt diy chain belt

Embellish your Shoes

Simple strappy sandals are classic shoes you can wear to most occasions. But if you are planning to add more ‘oomph’ to your shoes, then visit the nearby craft store for embellishments that you can add to your shoes. You can even use brooches and chandelier earrings to create a one-of-a-kind sandal.

diy bejeweled heesdiy bow heels


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