DIY Beaded Jewelry Ideas

Things You Can Make With Beads

We’re loving DIY beaded jewelry ideas and sharing it with you is quite a pleasure as it is a savvy and less expensive way to have accessories that are not only made to save money but to own unique accessories as well. Crafting jewelry is easy if you have the passion for it. All you need are beads in different types, styles, colors, and sizes. With a wide variety of beads, it’s easier for us to get creative and experiment more with design. Who knows, it could be your personal business one day and not just a hobby.

Sometimes, we need to have a new set or piece of jewelry to wear to an event. For fashion emergencies like this, the best thing to have are beads, strings, locks, hooks, pliers, and scissors ready so you can make the accessory you need anytime. When you have these things handy, it’s convenient enough to create anything to match your clothes or the other accessories that you have.

The ideas in DIY jewelry are limitless and more are being materialized into beautiful and exquisite works of art. From plastic to metallic, DIY jewelry is everywhere, in every box, tree, frame , or just about any organizer at all. Check out these cute and pretty pieces so that you’ll have some ideas on what DIY jewelry is all about:

1. Beaded Pendants and Necklaces. You can arrange beads together to make a great pendant and have the option of making the est of the necklace in beads as well, o a different kind of material.



diybeadedjewelryideas17 diybeadedjewelryideas15

2.  Beaded Earrings. For a pair of beaded earrings to really look sophisticated, try choosing beads that are pearlish in shine just like the peacock beads below, or beads that have the same shade or color. You can also experiment with beads of various colors, depending on the outcome you want.


diybeadedjewelryideas13 diybeadedjewelryideas14

3. Beaded Strings and Rings. It takes extra effort to build intricate items such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  You need patience and love to create these things so that the result will be much worth it. Also pick the best beads you can find such as weighty stones, carved wooded beads, and metallics.

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