Desiree and Jennifer Selmanovic: Glamorous Fashion Style

Often seen in high-fashion magazines, glamorous fashion style featuring avant-garde pieces, rich fabrics, structured silhouette, and unconventional cuts make a bold fashion statement in magazine spreads, but a bit harder to pull off in real life. The mind behind the Des & Jen blog, Desiree and Jennifer Selmanovic are two fashion conscious twin sisters born in Vienna known for their elegant, classic, and glamorous fashion style on the streets. If you’re thinking on how to wear the glamorous look, keep on reading to get some cues from their style.

avant garde outfit with statement heels

burgundy outfit with asymmetric heels glamorous outfit with avant garde accessories

You may start revamping your style by incorporating avant-garde pieces like the twin bloggers did. According to Desiree, accessories can give an extra touch to your outfit and shoes can say a lot about your personality, so she sticks to form and colors that fit her total look. On the other hand, Jennifer has an eye for feminine, stylish, and elegant pieces that can make her look sophisticatedly chic. Like them, you may opt for statement earrings, metallic belt with gold trims, chunky jewelry, asymmetric heels, gold cuffs, statement boots, and elegant clutch to complement your glamorous looks.

all black outfit with flat boots body con dress with asymmetric heels burgundy dress with asymmetric heels red blouse with silk pants and statement heels red robe dress with classic pumpsblue velvet coat with boots

Looking glamorous and elegant on your style involves a perfect fit of your clothes as well as the perfect color palette that flatters your skin tone. Wearing black makes everyone look a little bit more high fashion, but sticking to classic shades of red, burgundy, and blue can also make your look classic and elegant. Like the twin bloggers, you may think of wearing a simple outfit and spice it up with a pair of asymmetric heels. Opting for a rich shade of red on your blouse and pairing it with black silk trousers will scream “perfectly glamorous”. Just spice your outfit with statement belt and statement footwear with gold trims that will give a luxurious touch to your outfit like they did.

baroque print top with lace skirt and statement heels chevron sweater with skinny pants cross print dress with classic pumps edgy boots with floral dress and jacket geometric print dress with clutch geometric print dress with statement earrings graphic print maxi dress with gold thong sandals

Wearing statement prints on your outfit adds some dimension and interest to your style. Like the twin bloggers, you may think of baroque prints, chevron patterns, floral prints, graphic prints, and even geometric prints to channel the creative and glamorous style you’re aiming for. Bright shades of yellow, orange, and green may not be your color palette but they definitely look perfect in geometric print dresses showcasing the architectural edges of the tasteful pattern. Baroque prints featuring luxurious shades of black, gold, silver, and red looks glamorous especially when paired with a burgundy lace skirt just like the blogger did.

all black outfit with edgy boots and structured bag chic winter outfit fur jacket with skinny pants and statement heels patent leather skirt with sleek turtleneck top velvet dress with statement belt and boots

If you’re not a fan of prints, add some interest to your looks by opting for rich and luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, fur, chiffon, lace, leather, wool, cashmere and such. Take advantage of your coats, dresses, and jackets in such fabric like the twin bloggers did to create a glamorous style on the streets. Dress up your black skinny jeans with a fur jacket, or add some texture to your simple turtleneck top with a leather skirt like the twin bloggers did.

avant garde puffer coat with leather leggings avant garde top with draped skirt and boots avant garde top with silk pants and statement heels avant-garde sweater with futuristic style boots glamorous outfit with statement heels high-fashion outfit statement blazer with black dress and statement heels

Going for avant-garde style can be a means of looking glamorous and luxurious on your street style. Embellished sweater with futuristic details, figure-hugging top with gold trims, and statement blazer with embellished pearls can be great to make your outfit look high-fashion and glamorous. Indeed, looking glamorous in your street looks involves a great sense of style that suits your individuality and reflects your bold confidence.

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