Creative Ways to Mix and Match Colors in Your Outfit

Mixing and matching colors is fun but in order to end up with a chic and stylish outfit, you must know how to wear the colors together. Though breaking the fashion rules seem adventurous, you must get good at the basic color first. So, keep on reading to get some fashion tricks to be creative in mixing and matching colors in your outfit.

pink top with ombre skirt

ombre shirtdress green ombre maxi skirt with white top black top with ombre skirt

If you don’t know which color to start with, you may go with ombré ensembles to add some life to your looks. Ombré describes the gradual blending of one color to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. It’s quite easy, and it’s much easier to pull off than a monochromatic look as different shades of the same color or similar colors almost always look good together like red and pink. To get a cool ombré theme going on in your outfit, you may pair the rest of your accessories in your ombré dress shades like black, gray, and white. You may also keep the colors in the family like pastels with pastels, warm colors with warm colors, cool colors with cool colors, earth tones with earth tones, and jewel tones with jewel tones can be a good way for a color coordination novice to get comfortable with the colors.

color blocked outfit purple top with neon skirt tri-color dress

You may show off your creative skills by color blocking tricks. This way, you only have different solid colors going on in your outfit instead of a million in one in diffused throughout. It’s still bold and eye catching as you may wear solid bright colors together in clashing or blending way. For an easier fix, you may simply opt for a color blocked dress or accessories. But, if you wish for some adventure, have a collection of items in neon shades, bold colors, as well as neutral ones. Also, you may use a color wheel to find complementary colors. Black and white, for instance, are complementary or opposite colors. Since opposites attract, they look so great together. True complimentary colors are the same distance from the center of the wheel, but it can be very striking to pair a color from the center, like a pale yellow green and a deep mauve.

cobalt blue pants with white top hot pink and nude coat with casual outfit neon jacket with neutral outfit nude dress with orange blazer yellow skirt with leather jacket

If you’re afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone made up of neutral colors, you may start small by mixing bright colors with neutrals instead of going bright all the way. This way, you’ll just make use of bright colors to make some pop of color in a perfectly balanced outfit. Remember, the neutrals are there serving as a good backdrop to enhance your colors.

floral print dress printed blazer with casual coll outfit striped top with leather skirt watercolor print dress

Use colorful patterns and prints to mix and match your colors. Patterns can be challenging to coordinate, so don’t overdo it or overshadow it with the bright shades of your outfit. Instead, let a print be your guide. Find a print and break it down into its different colors then make an outfit.

nude dress with stylish shoes neutral-outfit-head-to-toe monochrome-outfit light-blue-outfit-with-gray-coat fur-jacket-with-monochrome-outfit all-black-outfit

Neutrals like navy, white, khaki, black, gray, gold, and silver are excellent for color mixing, but when in doubt, go for monochrome or tonal dressing head to toe as they will look better coordinated and not overdone. If you’re feeling unsure that black or nude color can wash you out, you could stick to warm neutrals like brown or cream that can make you look elegant as well as more earth toned color like olive green. A monochromatic color palette features a lighter and darker version of the same hue. Pairing a light blue top with a dark blue bottom is great. Keep in mind that a color will always match a whiter, grayer, or blacker version of itself.

Remember that you have every right to wear whatever color you want to wear. As long as you’ve got the look you’re going for, it’s your style that rules the fashion so be creative and bold showing off your personal style.


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