Chic Ways to Wear Car Wash Inspired Fashion

Started out as a novelty item in the designers’ runway shows, car wash skirts and dresses are styles in a thicker kind of fringe that has been loved by women looking for a chic and unique fashion style. Inspired by floppy black pieces in a car wash, the car wash skirts and dresses are pleated pieces that move like the chamois cloth when the wearer is in motion. It’s a sexy new style as it brings the eye right to the hemline and keeps the eyes off the hips but doesn’t show anything more than a short skirt. If you’re wondering how to wear this carwash fashion with style, keep on scrolling to get some style inspiration.

car wash fashion trend

car wash inspired leather dress car wash  style white dress

If you’re thinking too much how you’ll look feminine in this floppy style, then sport some carwash inspired dresses. Since the design of the hemline gives the statement, better keep your accessories simple and plain to avoid looking sloppy and trashy. For a softer edge, opt for plain and neutral colored dresses made from cotton. On the other hand, if you’re more on a bolder side, wear a car wash inspired dress made from leather. Though sometimes not party appropriate, there are long lace dresses in carwash style with transparent lace at the pleats that keep the formality of the unique style.

black car wash skirt  carwash skirt fur sweater + car wash skirt

For a casual cool look, you may wear a sweater and a carwash skirt with slits all the way to the top. Sneakers will add a lot to the casualness of the outfit without losing the proportion of your style. But if you like, loafers and boots are great alternatives too.

button down top + car wash skirt cutout top with car wash skirt white top

For a more sophisticated look, you may wear a classic button down blouse, cutout blouse, long sleeves, and a printed blouse. Just tuck in the blouse to your carwash skirt and wear fashionable footwear such as strappy sandals, boots, kitten heels, flats, and pumps. Keep your jewelry minimum and opt for neutral colored accessories. This way, the thick fringes of your skirt give a lot of femininity to your overall style.

thick sweater  with leather skirt leather jacket + car wash style skirt car wash cut skirt

You can also create a contrasting texture with car wash skirt by wearing anything leather such as leather jacket, leather boots, or pair your leather carwash skirt with opposite fabrics. This keeps your ensemble from getting too boring and bland especially when you’re sporting monochrome outfits.

black off shoulder top + car wash inspired skirt car wash  skirt

If you wish to add some sexiness to your style without showing much skin, then opt for off-shoulder tops in long sleeved style. The silhouette is more flattering if the fabric hugs your figure firmly rather than a loose and baggy top. Also, if you are not fully ready to show some legs high slits carwash skirt, wear a layer underneath like a skirt to keep it modest.

You could never go wrong with this outfit as long as you keep the textures and proportions balanced between your fashionable ensembles. Remember, not everyone has the guts to wear this stylish skirts on the streets. So, if you think you got some great style with this car wash inspired fashion, be one of the style setter and inspiration and show off your bold style.

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