Chic Ways to Wear a Choker

A choker is a fashionable, close-fitting necklace. In the early eras, this accessory was regarded as a sign of high fashion. Although its connotations have changed throughout the years, one thing remains for sure: it is still super-duper chic! Look like the blue-blooded royals of yesteryears with these chic ways to wear a choker.

Go Simple

Chokers come in a variety of sizes. If you want to look minimal yet elegant, then go for a simple, thin choker. What’s great about this choker is that it can be worn with everything, from a simple tee to a frilly, high-fashion dress. It’s just about choosing a style that suits your mood (and the occasion, of course.)

simple choker

thin silver choker

…or Wear More

They say once is enough, and twice is too much. With chokers, you can go as much as three strands for the full dramatic effect.

layered choker set multi layer choker

layers of chokers

Mix Short and Long

Chokers no longer have to be worn on their own. If you are after a classy style, wear it with longer necklaces. The balance between their lengths will definitely make you look like a fashion goddess.

layered chokerchoker and longer necklaces choker with long necklaces

The Thicker, the Better

If you plan on wearing a strapless top or spaghetti straps (virtually anything that exposes much of your neck and upper chest,) then fill the empty spaces with a thick choker. It will definitely draw attention to your lovely upper profile.

thick gold choker thick choker

Let it Sparkle

If you are planning on attending a formal party, go all out with a sparkly choker. This brilliant necklace can glisten up your outfit – no matter how simple it might be.

embellished choker

However, you can do it like Rihanna does – and wear your embellished choker with a grungy attire.

sparkly choker

Layer it Over

Turtlenecks are known to be demure and boring. However, you can this top more appealing by wearing a choker on top of it. If you want to add more pizzazz, you can also wear cuffs on each wrist.

choker over turtleneck

Another top that looks cool layered with a choker is a button-down top. The choker can serve as the focal embellishment of the top. It can make you look graceful – even if it’s just a plain old button-down top.

choker and button-down top

choker and button-down polo


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