Bum-Enhancing Tips for a Bootylicious Look

Want to look bootylicious, as in the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian? Good news; you don’t need expensive butt enhancements to achieve a rounder behind. With these bum-enhancing pieces, you can finally get those lovely lady lumps.

Wear a Peplum Top

If you want to have a bigger behind, then you need to make your waist look smaller. The best way to do so is to wear a peplum top. Not only will it give you a bigger bum (at least visually,) it can help hide your tummy as well!

white peplum top

black peplum top

Wear a Stretchy Pencil Skirt

Look alluring yet elegant in a stretchy pencil skirt. Because of the spandex nature of this garment, you can create the illusion of an ala Beyonce booty – even if you don’t have much junk in the trunk.

green pencil skirtwhite pencil skirt

Wear Light-Colored Jeans

If you want to make people believe that you have a big butt, then you need to be mindful when buying jeans. Do remember to purchase light-colored denims as they can add that much-needed volume to your hips and butt. They can make you look sexier and curvier as well!

light colored denimslight colored jeans

Wear Heels

High heels are perhaps the best footwear a girl can ever have. Not only can it make you taller, it can create an illusion of a shapelier butt as well. That’s because it forces you to arch your back, therefore placing more focus on your behind.

black high heelspink high heels

Wear Thigh-High Socks

This winter season, the best way to get an enviable butt is to wear thigh-high socks. Not only can they make you sexier, they can keep your legs warm and stylish as well. While thigh-high socks can instantly enhance your behind, you have to style them with much care – unless you want to end up looking like a high schooler. (Create a classy look with these sassy ways to style thigh-high socks.)

black thigh high socksthigh high socks

Wear Padded Undergarments or Jeans

The easiest and risk-free way to get a bigger behind is to wear padded undergarments or jeans. You don’t have to suffer from the pains of wearing high heels and other contraptions in order to have a plumper behind.

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