Bold but Wearable Hair Colors to Try this Year

Changing your hair color is one of the easiest things you can do to spice up your look. Coloring your hair entails long term commitment, though, so that means you have to choose wisely when deciding on what color to dye your hair. If you’re a first timer, I would suggest going for a color that’s three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. If you’re feeling braver and more adventurous, check out this list of bold but wearable hair colors to try this year.

  • BRIGHT RED FIRE – not a natural redhead but love the allure that fiery locks have? How about dyeing your hair a bright red hue? Before you do, though, you have to remember that red is one of the most high-maintenance colors you could ever dye your hair. It requires touch-ups more often than other colors and it fades pretty quickly so if you don’t have the time to do all of those, it’s best to go with another color instead of sporting this and being stuck with it looking bad for a few months.

bright red hair rebel

bright red hair bright red locks bright red sexy hair

  • SHOCKING ORANGE – if red isn’t cutting it for you, maybe you should try a more in-your-face kind of hair color like a shocking orange (think Leeloo from Fifth Element). I’m going to admit, this one isn’t very easy to pull off but if you think you can do it then, by all means, go ahead and do it. This hair color looks especially good on women with fair skin.

orange hair color orange hair orange pink ombre

  • PRETTY IN PINK – looking for something a little more girly and at the same time a little edgy? How about a pretty pink hue? Keep it soft and dainty looking in a pastel pink color or girly with a hint of punk in a loud and bright pink shade. If you’re not too sure about very bright pinks, you can also ton it down and go a little darker or add a hint of purple-y magenta to make it more wearable.

pink punk color pink ombre shades pink light pastel pinky rosegold color

  • OCEAN BLUE – channel your inner mermaid with a pretty color that reminds you of the ocean that is bluish green. Throw in a strand of bright and light green somewhere, if you like, to resemble sea foam or have it done in a nice ombre of colors. Need inspiration? Take a look at Kylie Jenner’s hair in the pics below.

blue hair kylie jenner bluish green blue green hair

  • GRAY – gray isn’t just for grannies anymore. These past few months, we’ve seen so many beauty junkies go bold and all out with this unique and challenging color and we have to say, they pull it off pretty good. When going gray, make sure to have highlights and lowlights added in so that your hair doesn’t look flat. A tinge of blue would also help. You’ll want it to have depth and dimension so that it doesn’t look like straight up gray hair that your gramps would have.

gray hair color gray hair with blue tinge gray hair

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