Bebe Zeva: Iconic Styles Inspired by Fashion Eras

Born in Florida, United States, Bebe Zeva, is a fashion blogger known for her iconic styles inspired by fashion eras like mod 1960’s, free-spirited 1970’s, gothic 1980’s, grunge 1990’s, and cyber-chic 2000s. According to her, she likes anything that looks like it’s been dissected from an occultist fairytale. Bebe Zeva is just a pseudonym of Rebeccah Hershkovitz, and her blog Fated to be Hated showcases her creative style that’s full of colors, textures, quality fabrics, and well-constructed clothing.

1960 inspired outfit

all white outfit floppy hat with 1960s outfit pussy bow blouse with classic outfit red jacket with fur hat

Like Bebe, you may express your love for 1960s mod fashion, by opting for signature and key pieces like pillbox hats, pussy bow blouses, A-line skirts, winkle pickers shoes, as well as fur hats and bags. Winkle pickers are shoes with pointed or sharp looking toes that are perfect match with A-line skirts and dresses. Opt for dresses that are conservative both in design and colors giving emphasis to figure and details to geometric features. Large buttons are the accents on the early 1960s fashion dresses that you may look for. Pillbox hats resemble a flat crown sitting straight up on the head worn by women in the 1960s for ornament. It has no brim and known to be a modification of the military headgear that has embellishments like net, sequins, and even pearls.

bohemian outfit with cute hat boho inspired outfit pastel dress with floppy hat printed pants with fur jacket

To channel your free-spirited 1970’s bohemian vibe, opt for details like flowing fabrics, fringes, tassels, suede, leather boots, ponchos, capes, printed pants and such. Like Bebe, you may dress up your looks with statement sunglasses, stylish belts, classic pumps, and even structured bags to balance the feel. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and clash some colors as this fashion has an eye for these details. GO for tribal prints, floral prints, Aztec, and such that scream bohemian.

all black outfit with structured bag black crop top with black skirt and combat boots gothic inspired outfit leather trousers with black blazer

Gothic 1980’s fashion is commonly seen in all black as well as details like laced fabrics and accessories such as silver jewelry, skulls, crosses, and gloves. Gothic fashion established from the Elizabethan and Victorian eras consists of lacy gowns, fishnet tights, veils, and corsets. On the other hand, the industrial gothic style includes more metal like chains, buttons, buckles, chokers, and spikes. Dreadlocks, gas masks, and buckskin bracelets are expression of a more intense gothic style.

denim overalls with black top denim overalls with colorful jacket grunge inspired outfit grunge-boho outfit leopard print coat with combat boots

To express your grunge 1990’s, like Bebe, you may update your wardrobe with denim overalls, shorts, jacket, and jeans preferably ripped or acid. You may also wear a corset top, crop top, concert tees, and vintage shirts with your denim overalls. Since grunge style is all about comfort and style, opt for Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, and even combat boots that are a must for a grunge look. Flannel shirts, tartan prints, and even leopard prints are great to toughen your grunge looks.

stylish pants with colorful jacket pink cap with colorful dress cyber-chic inspired outfit colorful dress with fedora hat banana print dress with cute sunglasses

Cyber-chic 2000s features eccentric details with a futuristic feel, bright colors like neon, and metallic and shiny feel. Like Bebe, you may look for statement sunglasses with pink or purple tints as well as baseball caps in a metallic finish. Funky prints like fruit prints, animal graphics, and even abstract one are great channeling your cyber-chic vibe. Play on your classic accessories like fur vest and coats to give some twist on your cyber-chic fashion style.

No matter what fashion era you’re into, iconic looks are always great to express your creativity, appreciation for fashion’s history, and signature style. Be inspired like Bebe and flaunt your iconic looks in a fashionable and memorable way.



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