Beach Cover-Up Outfit Ideas

If you’re planning on hitting the beach soon with your buddies, I’m pretty sure you’re looking for something to wear. Aside from a cute swimsuit, another piece that you shouldn’t be without at the beach is a cover up. While there are so many cute ‘proper’ beach cover ups that you can buy out there, getting a new one isn’t really necessary, especially when you are on a budget. You can make do with what you have in your closet and get creative instead. A beach cover up doesn’t always have to be a cove up, if that makes sense. There are so many other things that you already probably have in your closet that you can use as a cover up. Here are some cool beach cover-up ideas to get you started.

  • Button up shirt – this one is such a sexy alternative to your regular beach cover up. It reminds me so much of those scenes in movies where girls wake up in their boyfriends’ crisp white shirt with nothing but underwear underneath.

button up shirt cover up

  • Sarong wrap – a sarong is such a versatile accessory, you just have to have it for summer! You can use it as a sarong wrap cover but you can also use it in many other ways as swell such as a beach towel, a head wrap or an accessory to your beach tote.

colorful silk chiffon sarong cover up

  • Kimono cardigan – kimono cardigans are all the rage this summer and they’re not just limited to your casual and street style outfits, you can wear them as your beach cover up as well. Take a hint at Jessica Alba in the picture below and see how gorgeous of a beach cover up the kimono cardigan makes.

floral kimono cover up kimono cover up

  • Blazer – got a colorful blazer you used to use to add pops of color to your office outfits? Well now they’re not just for the office anymore. Blazers make such sexy beach cover ups. Just throw them on top of your swimsuit and you’re ready to lounge around in style.

blazer beach coverup

  • Oversized t-shirt – another really sexy beach cover up outfit that you can create without buying a new cover up is to wear just an oversized shirt on top of your swimsuit. Don’t have anything big enough to pass as a cover up? Rummage through your boyfriend, brother or dad’s closet. Chances are that they’ll have one that they barely use but is still in good condition.

oversized t shirt

  • Denim shirt – denim shirts are great as beach cover ups if you don’t plan on taking a dip at all. You can wear it while you walk by the shore or enjoy a drink with a friend under the sun. You can also wear a light denim jacket or a chambray shirt if you don’t have a denim shirt. It denim is too warm for you, sport it undone and get an ultra sexy look to boot.

denim jacket coverup denim shirt beach coverup

  • Tunic top – fan of the Boho chic style? Tunic tops are a must have in any Bohemian wardrobe and if you’re looking for a cool alternative to a regular cover up, you can wear your tunic tops on top of your swimsuit to serve as a cover up too.

tunic shirt coverup

  • Crocheted dress – crocheted dresses are super popular during summer music festivals and if you frequent festivals like these, chances are that you already have a crocheted dress you wore once or are planning to wear soon. Aside from being a great festival outfit, crocheted dresses are perfect beach cover ups as well. They give you a bit more coverage while still letting you flaunt that beach body.

crocheted dress cover up

  • Palazzo pants – palazzo pants are not really beach cover ups but if you find yourself wanting to flaunt your upper body (and that gorgeous bikini top) more than your bottom, you can wear palazzo pants to cover up your lower half while you lounge around at the beach.

palazzo pants and bikini top


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