All About Jewels – My Favorite Dainty Pieces

I am all for the chunky statement jewelry, but sometimes a nice dainty piece completes the outfit just as well – if not better!
In this post I want to show you my top three favorite dainty pieces that I own, and give you a little info on how I wear them.
1 Doublemint Twins
 (Now I’m a twin!?)
Enjoy the photos! I absolutely love how they all turned out! Props to Eric, who is now the second photographer for Makeup By Claire! Yay! 🙂
2 cross necklace 3 cross necklace from Room 363
This first piece is a new addition to my collection, and it is this cross necklace from a local boutique.
If you are in the Southern Chicago area, a wonderful new boutique called “Room 363” has just opened in Naperville, and it has some amazingly stunning and unique pieces!
I have been looking for a necklace much like this for awhile now, and was glad to have found it in a store.
You can push this to the side a bit so that the cross is more angular, or you can wear it straight so that the cross lays in the middle of your chest.
It also comes with an extender chain so you can wear it as high or as low as you wish.
I love to wear these dainty pieces with my “softer” toned and feeling tops. For example, this is the perfect piece for a chunky sweater, as I’m wearing in these photos. This would also look beautiful with a sheer, loose fitting top. The necklace just adds a perfect amount of sparkle to the outfit that is eye catching and unique.
4 bracelet from Haute Look
Up next is this gorgeous bracelet that I purchased on Haute Look awhile back.
Unfortunately I’m not sure as to where you could purchase this now, but evil eye bracelets are literally dominating the market lately, so a similar one should be easy to find.
I love this bracelet for a couple of reasons: first of all, it is small and dainty so that it doesn’t dominate my wrist if I am wearing other dainty pieces of clothing or jewelry. I also like pairing this with chunkier pieces, like a big watch or a chain link bracelet, because it’s small enough to add something to the combination but not take it over. Second of all, I love that it has a little pop of color that is intriguing and brings more to the look than just seeing gold!
This bracelet also comes with an extender, however, it’s loose on me even at the tightest loop. I love that it sort of hands loose, giving it a more “free feel”. I don’t mind the extender hanging down, I think it adds to it!
5 necklace
This is another recent find, that I see has now been duped by Target as well!
However, this baby was only $2.00 at Maurices.
Unfortunately this did come a little loose around the “love” logo, and I had to get Eric to take some pliers to it, but it’s safe now!
This is just a gorgeous, light piece with a little extra edge to it. The chain is less traditional with the golden beading, and the “love” logo has crystals encrusted throughout the letters, bringing it a little bit of sparkle.
Again, with it’s extender you can wear this as high or as low as you like. I love wearing this with ANY top because it’s just so versatile. Having somewhat plain, dainty pieces in your collection is a must. It allows you to really get use out of it. One of my most favorite pieces of jewelry is a diamond pendant on a small, delicate silver chain. It is the most quiet piece of jewelry but it looks stunning with everything, and it catches the light effortlessly.
Having statement pieces in your wardrobe is wonderful, but try to integrate smaller, quieter pieces that bring something to your outfit without dominating it. They are also more comfortable to wear, especially in the heat! 🙂
What are your favorite dainty pieces?
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