A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Fashion Week

So, it’s that time of the year again. Whether you actually get to go to these glamorous events or not, as a fashion girl, you know you look forward to Fashion Week every year. This is your chance to get a sneak peek of what’s to come and what’s in store for you in the coming season when it comes to fashion and style. If you’re lucky and you get to go to your first Fashion Week this year, you’ve probably started turning your closet upside down, looking for the best pieces that you can wear to the show. Of course what you wear is important but there are other things you should know. Here’s a beginner’s guide to surviving fashion week.

  • Dress according to location – depending on which Fashion Week show it is that you’re going to, you’ll have to dress to fit in (or standout). New York Fashion Week often calls for more contemporary, young and hip pieces. For London Fashion Week, you’ll want to get in on the latest and only the latest trends and wear those. Milan Fashion Week, on the other hand, calls for higher end pieces and extra posh accessories and Paris Fashion Week is where you’ll want to bust out your classiest clothes for a polished look with much finesse.

front row seating at fashion week

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  • Come early – don’t come right on the dot and definitely don’t be late! Though most shows start late (with the exception of Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs), come early as this will give you a good chance of picking out good seats. We’re not gonna lie and tell you that you can get front row seats even if you come a day before the show, that row’s pretty much for the editors and celebs so the next best thing is to pick a seat closest to it and that’s only possible if you come early. That is, of course, if you don’t get a standing seat.

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  • Standing seat – if you have a standing seat (because unless you’re an editor, celebrity, media or buyer, that’s pretty much what’s available), make sure to wear something comfortable, especially shoes. Yes, sky high stilettos are sexy and chic and all but your feet will thank you if you opt for a more comfortable option like wedges (they can look chic, too, you just have to wear them right and with the right pieces), kitten heels (if you’re already tall enough) or anything with chunky heels (those are totally on trend right now).

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  • Dress according to current season – the collections to be presented at Fashion week from September to October this year are going to be for Spring 2015 but that doesn’t mean you have to get garbed up in your spring clothes. Dress according to season so make sure you’re warm and cozy in your fall clothes. I know it can be tough to find a fancy dress that’s warm and comfy as well so if you must wear those slinky dresses, at least make sure you have on a coat.

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