9 Street Style Inspos from Emma Roberts

The star of the newest black comedy/mystery show is definitely upping her sartorial game!

Emma Roberts street style cream jacket

Growing up, we’ve all known about Julia Roberts’s young niece who has graced and walked the entertainment world at the young age of 10 and have survived what many child actors hasn’t. She’s been known playing the titular character of the live action adaptation of Nancy Drew and as the rich brat turned good girl in Wild Child.

Now, we see the 25-year-old actress donning clothes from Chanel and Gucci in her new black comedy/mystery television series that started airing last year, Scream Queens. Here are 9 street style inspos that you can get from Emma Roberts’s wardrobe.

  1. Here’s the great thing about striped tees. They can go with just about anything. Look at how Emma paired it up with a plum colored pants and boots. For this hot summer, you can ditch off the boots with a more weather-appropriate sandals.Emma Roberts casual striped tee
  2. Hitting two trends with one outfit, Emma Roberts dons a casual look with a chambray paper bag waist pants and a matching ruffled-hem crop top. She accessorized with a simple white sandals and tote. The color of her coords complements her strawberry blonde hair so well.Emma Roberts coords
  3. Keeping things simple and chic, she wears a black crop top with a skater skirt and a pair of suede low-heeled pumps. The simplicity of her outfit makes any passerby zero in on her animal-skin handbag that is the cherry on top of her chic street look.Emma Roberts feminine crop top look
  4. This particular outfit can be perfect for either a casual shopping when worn with a flat sandals or a romantic summer date night with a pair of gorgeous pumps.Emma Roberts floral skirt
  5. Petite ladies, take notes! With your fellow petite lady, Emma Roberts donning a maxi skirt for the summer, you’ll see that the maxi will add up to your height especially when you wear a pair of platform heels underneath.Emma Roberts maxi dress
  6. This particular look is a perfect poolside ensemble. The red gingham dress and the muted plum lipstick go so fabulously well with Emma Roberts’s strawberry blonde hair.Emma Roberts poolside
  7. Take it from Emma Roberts: tank tops can be worn for a formal outfit during summer. Summer makes everything loose and less austere, particularly when thinking of what to dress in a formal wear. So long as you pair your tank tops with skirt and pumps, you’ll be good to go.Emma Roberts tank top and skirt
  8. Emma Roberts definitely knows how to make tomboy chic look a little bit feminine effortlessly. The loose shirt, cuffed boyfriend jeans, sneakers and the baseball cap worn backwards. It’s everything ragged and tomboy but the little details—the cuffs and the purse—adds an ounce of girlish essence into the getup.Emma Roberts tomboy chic
  9. This look on Emma Roberts would have been a typical Parisian chic look. If not for the straight-cut ripped boyfriend jeans that she wore instead of a pair of tailored or skinny jeans.Emma Roberts washed boyfriend jeans

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