8 Stylish Ways to Wear Food Prints

Have you noticed that it’s basically impossible to enter a fashion store lately without being bombarded with clothing covered in miniature food items? Fashion has brought us some particularly creative ways to celebrate our favorite foods, including hamburger, fruits, chocolates, cakes, doughnuts, pizza and such. Since our hearts are filled with love for food, keep on reading to incorporate these prints in your street style.

  1. Dress and Rompers

chocolate print dress with mary jane shoes

fruit cocktail dress fruit salad dress with watermelon clutch Mcdo sweater dress with mcdo bag orange dress with fruit print clutch tropical print dress watermelon dress with straw hat

Whether you’re a fan of chocolates, fruits, or hamburgers, you can show your love for food by wearing them as prints on your dresses. Fashion blogger Blair Eadie creatively wore her orange fruit print dress with her orange fruit print clutch that created a perfectly polished and fashionable outfit. You may go for a classic chocolate-print dress and finish your look with a chic fascinator and a pair of chocolate colored shoes that looks very coordinating. If you’re a fan of a certain food chain, then wear them on your street style like Anna Dello Russo did, but remember it’s not your job to do advertising for them.

  1. Tops and Shirts

doughnut print shirt with skirt food print shirt with black shorts lemon top with skirt and hat food-print-shirt-with-shorts food-print-top-with-shorts

If you’re not bold enough to wear your food prints on dresses, then simply opt for a crop top or shirt. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may wear a lemon print bandeau top and pair it with a black skirt so you’ll statement print will be the focus on your outfit. If you’re feeling preppy, then think of a doughnut print shirt and match it with a color of the skirt that matches your prints. This way, you’ll look more playful and innocent on your street looks.

  1. Trousers

pineapple pants with striped top tropical fruits pants

Be careful wearing prints on your trousers especially if your bottom heavy. Fruit print pants can be great to be worn with a tank top in the summer months that look summery and fresh. If you’re working in a creative office environment and loud prints are acceptable, you may wear your fruit print trousers with a striped blazer to keep it a bit corporate looking. Just keep in mind that you’ll still be heading to the office so be mindful of the impressions you’re going to create with your prints. Generally, fruit prints are a lot safer than pizza, burger, or doughnut prints that look a lot quirky.

  1. Shorts

mango print shorts

If you’re feeling breezy on your street looks, then go for a pair of mango print shorts and wear it with a plain pastel yellow tank top to complement your prints. Just polish your outfit with a chic pair of shoes and a ribbon hair clip for a girly style.

  1. Skirts

peaches skirt with pastel top pineapple skirt with button down shirt

If you wish to look fresh on your street style without looking too girly, then opt for a midi or mini length of skirt and wear it with a complementing button-down shirt that looks more matured and ladylike. When wearing this fruit prints, you wish to make them your focal piece so avoid wearing any accessories that will clash on the statement you’re trying to make.

  1. Jackets and Coats

fish print jacket with quirky outfit novelty coat with clutch

If you feel not too comfortable on wearing these food prints on your street style, then go for a jacket or coat instead that you can easily put on and take off whenever you wanted. Novelty print jackets and coats will definitely work with any of your outfits as long as they’re in plain solid colors and simple enough to be the neutralizing pieces for your food prints.

  1. Bags and Clutches

apple bag with preppy outfit ice cream clutch with feminine outfit green apple bag with feminine outfit cake clutch with red dress apple sunglasses and watermelon bag

If you think you can’t pull the look of wearing these food prints on your basic pieces, then go for bags and clutches with fruit silhouette, cake-inspired design, or even embellished ones. Like Katy Perry, add some quirkiness to your red dress by getting a cake-inspired clutch. If you’re not as bold as her, then go for an ice cream print box clutch to wear with your feminine outfit like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did. This way, you’ll still look trendy and fashion-forward without looking overdone.

  1. Scarves and Necklaces

orange scarf with orange dress fruits necklace with blut top and skirt

There are food print scarves that can be great to wear with your plain dresses. But if you’re not a fan of these prints, then go for fruit necklaces, burger pendants, and even pizza earrings that look a bit quirky and fashionable. This way, you’ll wear the stylish food print trend while being true to your personal style.

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