8 Style Tips on How to Wear Blanket Scarves

Though there are a lot of fashion styles that look effortless, the blanket scarves are not always as easy to wear as it looks as they’re big and bulky and may add some pounds to your looks if you aren’t careful with your styling. If you love the idea of the blanket scarf trend, but you’re unsure of where to start, keep on scrolling to get some quick tips that will help you rock the look.

  1. Balance the silhouette.

plaid blanket scarf with leather jacket

Since the blanket scarf is square and usually oversized, keep the balance of your looks by pairing bulky and voluminous scarf with slim and fitted ensembles. Skinny jeans tucked into a pair of boots, shorts with tights, fitted sweater or top with cropped cigarette pants look great when paired with a blanket scarf to keep the feminine curves of the body while wearing a voluminous scarf.

  1. Be simple with one-knot style.

adriana lima in all black outfit with shawl plaid shawl with skinny jeans tartan shawl with casual outfit

With the scarf in front of your neck, grasp the ends of your blanket scarf and knot it once so that both ends will hang in front on either side. Just let the ends flop down and you may loosen the part around your neck a little in a way that the ends dangle evenly or unevenly if you like.

  1. Bunch-up your blanket scarf.

blanket scarf with casual outfit knitted shawl with casual outfit tartan blanket scarf with all black outfit

Start with your blanket scarf completely open or unfolded then fold the scarf in half diagonally to create a triangle. Bring the scarf around your neck, keeping it super short on one end and long on the other and twist and roll the scarf. Drape the scarf around the neck and tuck the end under the loop. Cross the two end together at the front and tie a loose knot and make adjustments as necessary. Loosen the scarf around your neck to your likeness, and you may allow the corners to hang down or on top of each other.

  1. Let it hang on your neck.

classic shawl with classic outfit oversized shawl with oversized outfittartan scarf with boho outfitwhite top with pastel skirt and gray blanket scarf

For a cool and effortless style, let your blanket scarf hang loose on your neck. You may pick a vibrant shade or interesting print to let the scarf be your statement piece. Tartan, plaids, houndstooth, checks, stripes, and such are great patterns to opt for in keeping your looks classic and chic.

  1. Drape it on your shoulders.

animal print pants with tribal print blanket scarf draped blanket scarf with casual outfit draped blanket scarf houndstooth blanket scarf with black outfit simple draped blanket scarf style

You may treat your blanket scarf as a coat or shawl that you may simply drape on your shoulders. You may also fold the scarf in half diagonally to create a triangle and place the triangle tip in back. And finally, drape the sides around your shoulders. This style is great for chilly days in the office keeping you cozy and stylish.

  1. Wear it like a poncho.

blanket scarf in poncho style checkered shawl with leather trousers gray blanket scarf with black dress

Just start with your blanket scarf completely open or unfolded and fold your blanket scarf in half, creating a triangle. Throw it around your shoulders and bunch it up at the top edge. Don’t worry about making it perfect as it should be a sloppy triangle. Bring the other side around and tuck the other side snugly until you have a nice triangle shape in front. You may style it with jeans, knit sweater, and ankle boots to create a perfect look for the airport or travel outfit. It’s totally cozy, stylish, and totally fuss-free.

  1. Cinch it in

animal print boots with tartan shawl belted blanket scarf with black dress belted blanket scarf with leggings

If that loosely-draped blanket scarf seems challenging for you to pull off, thinking you may get caught in the door of a taxi or to dangle inadvertently into your morning latte, fix those annoyances by just wearing a belt. Not only you’ll be safe from the revolving door at your office but the belt will give you that waist definition in a simple and chic trick yet a bit of feminine polish.

  1. Show off your creative side by trying something different.

pink blanket scarf with black outfit gray blanket scarf with casual outfit braided blanket scarf with classic outfit

Unlike some trends that have come and gone over the years, blanket scarf is a trend that will fit and flatter everybody. As there are beautiful blanket scarves all over the place right now, we are really and truly spoiled for choice. So, play around with the directions as it is all about how you want your blanket scarf to look. Seriously, this blanket scarf can be tied so many ways, so have fun experimenting with it.



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