8 Quick and Easy Outfits for Impromptu Dates

Going on a date is fun and exciting but, for girls, half of the fun is really in deciding what to wear. Trying to create an outfit that will make you look stylish and attractive to your date is something that gives us that giddy feeling but if it’s an impromptu date, this process may be more stressful than enjoyable. Here are a few quick and easy outfits for impromptu dates.

  1. An off shoulder dress – if you want something that you can easily slip into, make sure to invest in a really cute off shoulder dress or two. Off shoulder dresses have just the right balance between sweet and sexy which is why they’re perfect for just about any kind of date.off shoulder dress for summer dates
    off shoulder dressy lace dress
  2. Striped shirt and jeans – this classic combination has been proven to be a no-fail combo that you can rely on for just about anything, including impromptu dates. Accessorize with some gold for an even classier look and you’re good to go.stripes and jeans
  3. Boxy crop top and skirt – boxy crop tops tend to have more of a casual vibe to them which is why they’re perfect for impromptu dates. Instead of wearing them with shorts to dress them down, try to dress them up with a skirt. I find that a flouncy skirt works well for those but so does any other skirt cut / style.boxy crop top and skirt outfit
  4. A cute jumpsuit or romper – if you want to look dolled up for your impromptu date but you don’t have much time on your hands, a cute romper or jumpsuit can really save the day. Pair it up with heels to complete the look beautifully or with flats for a comfy and chic ensemble.jumpsuit outfit for date night
  5. Polished separates – for an outfit that’s prim and posh but still chic and date-friendly, try creating an outfit that’s made up of polished separated. Dressy shorts, a blazer, your favorite pair of heels – these are just some of the pieces you can incorporate in your look.polished separated
  6. Printed pants and a plain top – if you want to make a statement with your look but are afraid of going over the top, a pair of printed pants anchored down to a plain top can get the work done.printed pants and plain white top
  7. Statement dress and denim jacket – a statement dress that features an interesting cut, a loud and vibrant color or a bold print can easily be tamed down for a less dressy impromptu date by wearing it with a denim jacket.denim jacket with cute dress
  8. LBD – what’s a list of date outfit ideas without the trusty ol’ LBD? To make yours more casual, try adding fun pops of color throughout the look or wearing it with something less dressy like flats or even sneakers.lbd asymmetrical lbd with neon pop of color


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