8 Celeb-Approved Weekend Outfits

Like our good health, great fashion never follows the nine-to-five, six-days-a-week rule.

Karlie Kloss weekend look

Okay, we may not save lives in fashion. But here’s the thing: the weekend can bring you to anywhere for any kind of event at any given time. And, if you are really lucking out, it can be impromptu or all of a sudden. But whatever you have or have not planned for your weekend, know that your weekend outfit can be important without telling you ahead of time.

Lily Collins weekend look

For instance, you may bump into your boss during your days off and you certainly don’t want to get caught wearing your Spongebob PJs while holding two boxes of pizza, right? Believe me, we all love our PJs and pizzas but we also love the jobs that support us to have them during our rest days.

So where do we sought for sartorial inspirations for our weekend ensembles? The people who are always expected to look their best. Celebrities. Below are 8 celebrities and their celeb-approved weekend outfits. Enjoy!

  1. Yes, we did mention pizzas on weekends. There’s no shame in buying pizzas but if you’re ever seen carrying five boxes, might as well follow suit with Alessandra Ambrosio and add it as accessories to her outfit composing of a mesh top over a tank top, ripped straight-cut jeans and espadrille slip-ons. Dressed down but still glamorous—even with the pizzas.Alessandra Ambrosio weekend look
  2. While Alexa Chung’s gorgeous tousled mane adds a lot to her casual weekend look, that flowing floral dress paired with a navy blue sweater and a pair of classic black sneakers is absolutely great for a casual brunch with the subtle elegance of the dress and dressed down quality of the sweater and the sneakers.Alexa Chung weekend look
  3. Blake Lively’s gold gradient sundress below is the epitome of a summer sundress. Along with silver strappy sandals and those dangling earrings, this look will be stunning for any kind of event you’ll be going to this weekend.Blake Lively weekend look
  4. Everything is completely dressed down and carefree in this look by Cara Delevingne as she arrived from Barbados. A perfect look for those who are hitting the beach or relaxing in a resort.Cara Delevingne weekend look
  5. If you have a business meeting to attend to this weekend, or perhaps a somewhere that requires for you to wear a smart casual outfit, go for this absolutely gorgeous look from Jennifer Lawrence. Slip off the blazer and that silk tank top and gray skinny jeans will be great for a night out with friends.Jennifer Lawrence weekend look
  6. The ever-beautiful Lupita Nyong’o creates an elegant yet simple ensemble with this green printed dress and a pair of pink pumps. An amazing outfit to wear for a formal Sunday brunch.Lupita Nyong'o weekend look
  7. If you’re going for a casual vintage outfit, check out this look by Suki Waterhouse where she wears a green patterned top with a pussy bow tie along with a loose belted high-waist shorts. Here, you’ll see Suki mastered the art of mixing prints.Suki Waterhouse weekend look
  8. There are times when we are suddenly expected to attend an event that requires us to dress up. And at unpredicted times like these, bringing with you that one single apparel can be important. In Zendaya’s case, it’s this gorgeous leopard print coat that dresses up her simple double denim outfit underneath.Zendaya weekend look

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