7 Things Unicorn You Need to Have Before the Trend Goes Away

The unicorn trend has spread throughout the world and, by now, it would be impossible for anyone with access to the internet to not have heard about this. In case you haven’t jumped in on the bandwagon yet, though, it’s never too later. Here are a few things bombarded with unicorn feels and unicorn vibes that you need to try before the tren d goes away.


  1. Unicorn hair – the look that started it all was a head full of colors so magical and so fun that everybody soon followed suit. Unicorn hair is one of the first things to catch the unicorn fever and we’re still seeing Instagram-worthy variations of unicorn hair up until today.gorgeous unicorn hair look
    unicorn hair
  2. Unicorn crown – if dyeing your hair gorgeous colors isn’t an option you could use right now, why not try wearing a unicorn crown instead? It’s a great option for those who want a unicorn head but aren’t just ready for commitment yet.unicorn crown headband
  3. Unicorn eye shadow look – it takes guts to sport an eye makeup look that consists of more than two colors, and bright ones at that. That’s why this unicorn eyeshadow look isn’t something we would recommend for the faint of heart.bright eye shadow look unicorn themeunicorn eyes
  4. Unicorn nails – for something a bit less distracting but still makes just as chic of a statement as anything else, go for unicorn nails. There are plenty of variations for this one, too, but here are some of our favorites by far.unicorn stiletto nails unicorn horn nails
  5. Unicorn patch – DIY lovers, rejoice! If you’re looking for ways to add a cute and whimsical vibe to your look or to any piece from your wardrobe, an iron-on unicorn patch would be perfect, If you think you’re ready to commit one (or more) of your wardrobe pieces over to unicorn kingdom, you can opt for a sew-on patch instead. unicorn patch denim jacket
  6. Unicorn sneakers – if you can’t ride a real unicorn, perhaps the next best thing is to walk on one. These unicorn sneakers are some of the most creative ways to sport the unicorn trend that i’ve seen and, tbh, these kinda wanna make me try it out. There are tons of Etsy shops that offer customization on plain paris as well.unicorn sneakers with leather leggings
  7. Unicorn jewelry – not sure you can pull off a bold unicorn piece? Go for something small and subtle like a unicorn piece of jewelry. These can be as dainty or as bold as you like, it all depends on your preference.unicorn choker gold unicorn ring

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