7 Practical and Stylish Dresses Every Traveler Should Own

If you’re a stylish and practical traveler, you always want to go for clothes you can wear year after year. However, packing for travel clothes may be tricky as you want them to withstand different temperatures while keeping them wrinkle-free and stylish. So, keep on reading for the 7 practical and stylish dresses every traveler should own.

  1. Sweater Dress or Light Ribbed Dress

sweater dress with leather jacket and boots

A sweater dress or a light ribbed dress is versatile enough as it can be worn with long boots and a heavy coat for light winters, as well as a top when temperatures drop. The golden rule of cosmopolitan winter travel is your first or second layer has to be cool enough for indoor heaters and a light knit dress is a good piece. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for a gray sweater dress that will look city-chic with a leather jacket and tall boots.

  1. T-Shirt Dress

pink t-shirt dress with statement necklace striped t-shirt dress with leather sneakers

If you’re a woman who loves the comfort of a t-shirt yet don’t like the skimming fit of skinny jeans, resort to a t-shirt dress. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, a striped t-shirt dress teamed with leather sneakers can be chic and effortless enough to look great when strolling around the city.

  1. Trench Dress

lightweight trench vest with urban boots trench vest with turtleneck and leather trousers

Despite what the name suggests, a trench dress is made of light material and is more suitable for chilly weathers. A great thing, this can be a great option for business meetings abroad as you don’t even have to think about styling it too much. A trench dress is perfect for visiting rainy days in London, a spring-to-autumn period in Paris and New York. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may think of wearing it with a fitted turtleneck top to add some warmth on chilly days.

  1. Collared Shirtdress

collared shirtdress with skirt pastel pink gingham shirtdress

A shirt dress has several style functions as it can be a peekaboo collar underneath a sweater dress, an alternative to a sundress, a long top over cigarette pants, or even a piece under a sleeveless wrap dress. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, update your striped shirtdress by wearing it with a chic miniskirt that will create a modern and fashion-forward look.

  1. Infinity Dress

red infinity dress

If you’re having a long-term vacation anywhere, this is a good dress to bring. An infinity dress is made of stretchable material so it can be pulled and tugged to create new silhouettes. This dress can be styled a number of ways and worn in more than one location. If you’re heading to cities like Miami, Rio, and such places known for nightlife, an infinity dress is perfect for you. This way, you will be a true outfit repeater who has sense enough to look otherwise.

  1. Wrap Dress

sexy black maxi dress chic wrap maxi dress

A wrap dress is airy, flattering on various body shapes, and easy to slip on. You’ll do well to bring one while traveling as it can be worn in any season especially in spring and summer. Effortlessly chic does not have to be a façade as this dress does not require heavy styling.

  1. Little Black Dress

little black dress with orange sandals and clutch little black dress with jacket

A little black dress is an inescapable fashion essential for women as it can be worn anytime and throughout the seasons. It’s a “buildable” piece that welcomes creativity. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you can wear it with a leather jacket, cap toe pumps, and a scarf that looks fashion-forward even in the big cities like Paris. If you have no party scheduled, a little black dress can still be spiced up with bold colored accessories for a look that is equal parts casual and dressy. By considering these dress options, you’ll be able to make sure you’ll travel in style.

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