7 Fashion Faux Pas Made Trendy on the Streets

Part of what makes fashion so great is that everyone has their own unique, personal preferences. Breaking the fashion rules is arguably one of the easiest outlets for self-expression that sometimes lead to fashion faux pas. If you’re a woman who believes that rules and regulations have no place in fashion, keep on reading for the 7 fashion faux pas made trendy on the streets that you may also consider going for to create an eccentric statement.

  1. Wearing sequins during the day.

sequin pants with pussy bow blouse

silver sequin dress with strappy sandals sequin top and denim jacket with white pants

Though sequins known to be the sparkling element for night time, you can now wear it on daytime as long as you know how to dress them down. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, team your sequin top with a denim jacket and denim jeans to tame its brilliance making the look work for the day.

  1. Wearing socks with sandals or shoes.

casual chic outfit with socks and classic pumps sophisticated outfit with socks-and-heels chic outfit with socks and heels

Wearing socks with sandals or shoes requires courage and confidence. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, make your style intentional by dressing up your trendy shoe style with a vintage dress and pearl choker. Or, be inspired by Blair Eadie’s look complementing her outfit with a color combination of red-and-black on her socks and shoes.

  1. Mixing prints and patterns.

floral print maxi skirt with striped top printed top with geometric print skirt printed sweater with geometric print dress and green sandals

If done inappropriately, mixing prints look messy. However, print mixing has been one of the finest styles both in the streets and on the runway. When it comes to prints, you can be daring; just don’t clash. Choose one pattern you love and wear it on a body part you want to emphasize. For instance, if your prints are both fighting for first place, mix a huge print with a smaller print, or a bold color with muted color palette. This way, you’ll look fashionable and sleek with confidence.

  1. Breaking the “less is more” rule and mixing metals.

chain necklaces with yellow top gold bib necklace with fur jacket and leather trousers choker necklace with dangling earrings

The fashion rule says gold goes with gold, silver with silver, and bronze with bronze. Since metals are neutral, it is definitely okay to mix gold, white gold, bronze, and silver. If you’re feeling bold like Kristina Bazan, put a little gold or gem into the combination so the contrasting metals enhance each other and stop you from looking too fashion strict in matching jewelry. Also, break the fashion rule of less is more as ring stacking and arm party is now on trend.

  1. Showing too much skin.

sexy V-neck dress v neck top with button front denim skirt V neck shift dress with white bag

There’s a time for cleavage or sheer clothing, so make sure you pick the right time and place. A party may allow you to wear a plunging neckline and a leg-baring slit like Nicole Warne’s wearing but skip breaking this rule on occasions like meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time or a business meeting that requires a decent approach. Remember, a little modesty goes a long way toward making a good first impression and looking like a professional.

  1. Mixing black with navy and pink with red.

black and navy outfit plaid scarf with black jeans and navy coat pink coat with red jeans and classic pumps red sweater with pink skirt

Whoever said mixing black with navy or pink with red was a fashion faux pas is totally, completely, utterly wrong. Though the rule states that you must select one neutral and highlight it with vivid colors since two colors will cause your simple wardrobe battle, you’re free to get your own color combination as long as you can make them look intentional and stylish. These color combinations got an undesirable standing, but when matched purposefully, they can in fact look quite contemporary and head turning.

  1. Letting your bra show.

silver necklace and bracelet with eclectic outfit crystal bra with black sheer blouse black bra on white outfit

Though the fashion rules told us to keep our bra hidden, showcasing stylish bras on the streets is now becoming trendy. Occasionally a suggestion of lingerie under a sheer blouse is an appealing option to expose skin like Kristina Bazan did. You can even try out wearing a strapped bra with a strapless outfit or letting your bra show in a plunging V-neck top as long as you make it look intentional.

So, whatever rule you choose to break, make sure you break it well. Even the most seemingly heinous of faux pas might make it into your wardrobe, but remember that fashion is all about having fun in a personalized way.

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