7 Cool Ways to Wear Band Tees

If you ever find yourself looking for something cool to wear this summer, why not grab that band tee that’s been sitting in your closet for ages and style it to make it into something chic and stylish. If you’re wondering how to wear them or what to wear them with, check out these tips and ideas on cool ways to wear band tees.

  1. With distressed jeans– this is, perhaps, the easiest way to wear your band tee. Distressed jeans amp up the cool vibe of band tees. Finish the look up with heels for a more chic and stylish overall look or with sneakers for something more casual and laidback.distressed jeans and heels
    distressed jeans and sneakers
  2. DIYed into a muscle tee – get a rockin’ cool summer look by DIYing your regular band tee into a muscle tee.  Just cut off the sleeves and stretch it out! You can wear this to the gym or for any street style look. Be sure to wear something underneath like a bralette or a tank top since the sleeves can go quite low.DIY muscle tee diy muscle tee band shirt
  3. Primped and polished – give rugged ol’ band tees a polished look by wearing them with a figure hugging pencil skirt and a pair of gorgeous heels. This outfit combination is insanely sexy and perfect for those who want to add a masculine vibe to their sexy street style outfits.pencil skirt fringe pencil skirt in green with a band tee
  4. With something plaid – somehow, this combination has managed to be one of the most popular among both men and women, especially in the fall, and it honestly works. Anything plaid with a band tee is a sure hit.plaid skirt and bulldogs shirt plaid shirt around waist
  5. Accented with leather – what’s a cooler way to sport your vintage band tee than to wear it with something leather? It’s got that rock and roll vibe that we can all use every now and then plus it’s a really easy way to look sexy in a band tee, too.leather skirt and nirvana shirt leather shorts and purse with nirvana shirt
  6. With denim shorts – for the ultimate vintage summer outfit, try pairing up your band tee with denim short. Any style will do as long as they’re flattering on you. This is also a great outfit idea for festivals when you don’t want anything too girly.denim shorts and iron maiden shirt denim shorts and band tee
  7. A hint of girly – wearing something girly with a band tee creates the perfectly balanced outfit if you’re aiming for something chic, sexy but also rought and rugged. I personally love wearing skirts with my band tees but anything else girly will get the job done as well.girly skirt and band tee girly heels and makeup


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