7 Casual Chic Ways to Style Your Women’s Pants

Women’s pants are very versatile as they fit most body types, fashion styles, and personalities that most women can create endless outfit combinations with the same pair of pants. By knowing the way different trousers can be worn for different occasions, you can make a smart decision every time you shop for a pair of women’s pants. Since the possibilities are truly endless, keep on reading to get some stylish ideas where to begin in styling your women’s pants.

  1. Pair it with artistic prints.

leopard print blazer with white pants

striped top with loose pants

Neutral-colored pants whether leather, denim, or dressy can be spiced up by printed tops. For a classic vibe, go for classic prints like stripes, houndstooth, checks, polka dots, and chevron prints. Though animal prints like leopard, zebra, and snake are classic, they’re statement making that can be great to wear with neutral pants. Just remember that animal prints are not supposed to mix with other prints as it can take the sophistication away from it. On the other hand, abstract prints, geometric patterns, and funky ones show off your artistic and creative side.

  1. Add some texture with fur coats and jackets.

fur jacket with dress pants fur jacket with khaki pants

Fur coats and jackets instantly spice up your typical casual wear like jeans and tee. You may go for neutral colored fur jackets like black, brown, cream, and gray that’s versatile enough to pair with any of your ensembles. For a dramatic statement, go for bolder shades like red, hot pink, cobalt blue, neon green, and even purple ones. Aside from a great style, they provide you comfort and warmth on chilly nights.

  1. Make it more feminine.

feminine blouse with dress pants feminine tank top with printed pants green blouse with printed pants

Printed pants are a great match with plain feminine tops like tank tops, off-shoulders, and flowy blouses. But, for an office outfit, you may go for white palazzo pants and plain flowy top that’re suitable for a corporate outfit yet modern and trendy. On the other hand, embellished tank tops are great for balancing your conservative skinny pants.

  1. Dress up your knitted tops.

blue sweater with printed pants knitted cardigan with turtleneck and white jeans knitted sweater with houndtooth pants knitted sweater with wide legged pants

Though knitted tops like cardigans and sweaters seem to be classic and plain, they’re now available in lively colors like neon yellow, cobalt blue, deep red, purple, hot pink, and such that can bring some punch of color to your classic style. On the contrary, if a neutral top is your preference, go for printed pants with archetypal patterns or textured pants with stylish cuts. Finish your looks with statement belts, structured bags, and stylish shoes.

  1. Complement them with structured blazers.

structured blazer with pants white blazer with graphic pantspink blazer with snake print top and white pants

Structured blazers can easily add some chic vibe whether you’re wearing casual outfits, rock-chic outfit, preppy outfit, urban outfit and such. Go for neat, elegant, and chic blazers to give some sophisticated touch to any outfit you’re wearing and you’ll surely make a statement on the streets.

  1. Toughen them with leather pieces.

leather jacket with fitted pants boho chic outfitleopard print pants with leather jacket

A leather jacket can be an edgy statement when paired with leather trousers. But, dress pants like leopard prints, tribal prints, striped patterns, and such can still be edgy when paired with leather jackets. If you’re not into leather jackets, you may go for leather accessories like leather shoes, leather boots, leather bags, leather bracelets, and even leather belts.

  1. Modernize your classic button-down shirts.

striped pants with chambray top plaids button-down shirt with skinny pants button-down shirt with yellow pants

If button-down shirts sound too corporate for you, modernize them with your stylish pants. Instead of straight-leg pants, go for denim styles like distressed ones, skinny fit, boyfriend styles and such for a more casual feel. Also, bright colors of pants like yellow, neon green, pink, light blue and such channel some contemporary vibe to your typical button-down shirt. If you’re not a fan of color, go for stylish prints like leopard, stripes, geometric, and such to add some interest without looking overdone.


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