7 Back to School Outfit Inspirations

It’s back-to-school time and while we are excited for brand new school supplies (looking at you, scented pastel highlighter), what a lot of us are more excited about is shopping for back-to-school clothes. Curating back-to-school outfits can be challenging, It has to have just the right amount of chic and sass to it without having you come off as that over-the-top snob gal. It has to be trendy, but not so much that it violates the school dress code. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few cool and stylish back to school outfits that you can borrow ideas from.


  1. Black and white vintage – if you’ve always been a fan of anything and everything vintage, this back to school look is definitely something you’d want to try out. A white knit sweater underneath black overalls finished off with round vintage sunnies is just vintage perfection.cintage chic
  2. Old school classic – not everyone is into catching up with the latest fashion trends, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Here’s a look with all the classics: jeans, striped shirt, and denim jacket spiced up with really cool shades.old school classic
  3. The Cool One – there’s always that girl in school who can pull off all the latest trends and make them work in her favor and if you’re that girl, this look is something you’ll surely love. It’s chic and it’s comfy which is what we all want in a back-to-school kind of outfit.the cool one
  4. Ride or die – this look is for the school girls out there who love anything that’s cool and edgy. Since school starts in fall, this is the perfect time and the perfect excuse to wear that bomb leather jacket you’ve been saving for the past couple of months.ride or die
  5. Dress Up White Top – a white shirt, be it a tee or a collared one, is a closet staple that many of us turn to when we’re out of ideas, but always teaming it up with the basic jeans and sneakers can be boring. Instead, take your white shirt and pair it up with a statement skirt. See below for more inspo.statement skirt and white shirt cute white shirt and skirt
  6. Classic Schoolgirl Style – bring Gossip Girl back to life with a schoolgirl outfit that will give Blair and Serena a run for their money. A nice collared shirt topped with a light sweater and coupled off with a cutesy skater skirt is the basic structure you’ll want to go for. How you jazz it up with accessories is totally up to you.preppy cute look preppy look school girl
  7. Campus sweetheart – a light and flowy dress with floral prints to amp up the girly factor is just what you need to nail that campus sweetheart look.campus sweetheart


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