7 Alternatives to Denim Shorts that are Just as Stylish

Denim shorts are pretty much a staple in every stylish girl’s closet for spring and summer but if you just keep wearing them all the time, there’s a big, fat chance that you’d get sick of the same old look over and over again so having something to take the place of your favorite pair of denim shorts is important. If you’re looking, check out these cool alternatives to denim shorts that are just as stylish.

  1. White shorts – whether they’re bleached denim or any other fabric, as long as they’re white, you know you have a good pair in your hands. White shorts are perfect for conjuring up dressier looks with a more posh and polished vibe.white shorts and black top summer outfit
    white shorts and red top
  2. Lace shorts – light, airy, chic, and stylish – these are the perfect words to describe lace shorts and they’re exactly what makes lace shorts so perfect for spring and summer. If you’re looking for an alternative to your denim shorts that will give you a fun and flirty look, this is your best bet.lace shorts and statement shirt
  3. Culottes – they may not resemble denim shorts in any way but culottes make great alternatives to denim shorts if you want something dressy with a little bit more coverage. You can dress them up with heels or dress them down with flats or maybe even flip flops, it’s entirely up to you.summer all white culottes outfit
  4. Floral shorts – nothing screams summer more than a pair of floral shorts so if you’re looking for a fun and fab alternative to your denim pair, why not slip into these? Floral shorts are perfect for bringing life and excitement to plain tops and tees, too.floral shorts and knitted tank top floral shorts and sheer top
  5. Leather shorts – denim shorts can only do so much for you and, unfortunately, a sleek and edgy look isn’t one of them. If that’s what you’re aiming for, though, you can always ditch the denim shorts and go with a pair of leather ones instead. Because they’re shorts and not full pants, they’re less hot on the skin, perfect even for a warm summer day.leather shorts and tank top for summer
  6. Pompom shorts – want to inject a bit of quirky, whimsical fun to your summer look? Forget about denim shorts for a while and grab a pair of pompom shorts. These are so perfect for when you just want something fun, young, chic, and trendy.cute fun pompom shorts and tshirt outfit
  7. Drawstring shorts – drawstring shorts have a super casual look and feel to them. Tuck your top in and you get the look of a romper in an instant.drawstring shorts and white crop top drawstring shorts outfit

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