6 Winter Pieces All It Girls Have

Winter is almost over, so if you’re planning on making a last hurrah with a stunning winter outfit, now is the best time to do so. With the cold winter weather coming to an end, pulling off a nicely layered look may become more of a challenge than a statement. If you’re persistent, though, there are a few key pieces you need to make sure you have. Here are the winter pieces that all It Girls have.

  1. Skinny jeans – skinny jeans are the perfect layering piece for any winter outfit, especially ones that are bulky, oversized, and top-heavy. They’d go well with absolutely everything, from that top you’ll wear to coffee with the girls to that gorgeous coat you’ll top your outfit with for a casual date night with your man.skinny jeans and long coat
    skinny jeans outfit
  2. A bright coat – speaking of coats, if you’re planning on creating one last bold statement look, a bright coat might just be the thing that you need to finish off your look. Choose something in a really striking color — something that can turn the most basic and blah outfit into one worthy of the street photographer’s attention.bright orang coat and skirt bright yellow coat and jeans
  3. Tall boots – no It Girl wardrobe is complete without tall boots and you know it. The higher the boots go, the better. Of course,not everyone can pull off a pair of thigh-high ones, but knee-high boots aren’t bad at all.tall suede boots tall boots outfit
  4. A fun scarf – scarves make great layering accessories, and they’re also great for keeping your warm during a cold winter night (or day). If you ever have a rather boring outfit going on, a fun scarf might just be what it needs to be complete. Look for something in a striking color or one with quirky prints or patterns to keep the look from being too stiff.fun pompom scarf fun red scarf for winter
  5. Something furry – your winter wardrobe is never truly complete until you have something nice and furry in there to wear for one of your last few winter looks. It could be anything from a vest to a full on coat, as long as you make it a part of your outfit.fur acceesory outfit fur coat black and white stripe
  6. A plain sweater dress – who wants to wear a plain sweater dress, you ask? Well, the women who are trying to make room for accessories that go pow-wow, that’s who. If you’ve got a cute scarf to sport, or a gorgeous coat to showcase, but you’re afraid of having too much going on in your look, a plain sweater dress is the perfect thing you should wear it with.plain gray sweater dress plain sweater dress and sneakers



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