6 Ways to Wear Chambray Shirt This Fall

A chambray shirt may be a summer staple, but you can actually make it work this fall season, therefore, extending your seasonal wardrobe. If you’re looking a style refresh this season, keep on reading for the 6 ways of wearing your chambray shirt this fall.

  1. Team your chambray shirt with leather trousers.



Since it’s a bit colder in the fall season, trade your jeans with a pair of leather trousers that will keep you warm and stylish. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, channel a modern cowgirl vibe with a pair of leather trousers worn with combat boots and chambray shirt. Or, make everything effortlessly cool with a pair of slip on shoes and a sling bag perfect for casual weekends.

  1. Make your chambray shirt a bit feminine with suede skirts.

chambray-shirt-with-sneakers chambray-shirt-with-suede-skirt

Suede skirts are heavier over cotton ones that will give you more insulation in the colder months. Think of channeling some bohemian look with an A-line suede skirt teamed with a chambray shirt, or make everything gypsy-inspired with maxi skirts in embroidered accents.

  1. Channel some bohemian vibe with flared jeans paired with a chambray shirt.

backpack-with-bootcut-jeans-and-chambray-shirt denim-skirt-with-flared-pants-with-chambray-top

If you’re aiming to add some carefree look to your weekend style, copy Annabelle Fleur’s outfit wearing a chambray shirt with a pair of boot cut pants and a bohemian hat. Or, make your fall looks trendy by layering your fall clothes creatively like Michelle Krusi did, wearing a pair of flared jeans with a button-front skirt and chambray shirt that made everything carefree.

  1. Top your chambray shirt with a blazer.

acid-washed-jeans-with-chambray-shirt-and-metallic-sneakers coated-jeans-with-chambray-shirt

Chambray shirt is thicker than a classic button-down shirt, but it’s not enough to give you warmth in the colder months. To make your summer staple work in the fall, top your chambray shirt with a blazer. If you wish for a sporty cool look, be inspired by Annabelle Fleur’s outfit wearing acid-washed jeans with metallic silver slip-on sneakers. Coated jeans worn with ankle boots can also make the summer staple work in the fall season.

  1. Wear chambray shirt with a fall-inspired skirt.

chambray-shirt-with-leather-skirt chambray-shirt-with-statement-skirt-and-blue-bag

Leather skirts, embellished skirts, embroidered skirts and such are generally thicker than your everyday skirt that will make your chambray shirt fall-inspired. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, team a quilted leather skirt with your chambray shirt and complete your fall looks with a pair of ankle boots.

  1. Tie your chambray shirt around your waist.

black-shift-dress-with-chambray-shirt-and-edgy-footwear striped-dress-with-tied-jacket

If you wish to wear the shirt-tied-on-waist trend, take advantage of your chambray shirt. A chambray shirt tied around your waist while wearing a velvet dress can dress down your feminine piece, making it work for casual settings. By heeding these simple styling tricks, you’ll be able to wear your chambray shirt this fall stylishly and appropriately.

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