6 Ways to Make Give Denim Shorts a Posh Twist

Denim shorts aren’t exactly very dressy. They’re made more for laidback days and casual looks. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t make a pair work for more sophisticated looks. If you love the comfort and the look of denim shorts, it’s hard to wear anything else so here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas on the different ways to give denim short a posh new twist. These are perfect for when you need something a little bit more polished but don’t want to give up your denims.

  1. Wear them with heels – if you just want to jazz up your look, the easiest way to go is to wear your denim shorts with a pair of gorgeous heels. Shorts and heels don’t always go together but they do work, especially during the spring and summer.heels and white shirt with denim shorts
    heels with denim shorts and leather jacket
  2. Go for the classics – ripped jeans, distressed denim shorts, DIY-style cut-off shorts – these are all no-no’s when you’re going for something a little dressier and more posh. Instead. go for the more classic styles. Regular, clean cut denim shorts can look very sophisticated when worn plain, basic and classic.classic denim shorts for a preppy look classic cuffed denim shorts
  3. Pair them with crisp, clean pieces – nothing beats the combo of good ol’ denim shorts and a crisp, clean top. A white shirt is very basic but also very chic but you can try wearing any other piece with your denim shorts as well so long as they have a crisp, clean look and feel to them.crisp sharp blazer with denim shorts and flats crisp white top and denim shorts
  4. Choose a collared top – wearing something with a collar is just so much dressier than wearing something that features a crew neck or a V-neck which is why if you’re aiming for a more posh and polished look with your denim shorts, one thing that you can try doing is to wear a collared top with it.collared sleeveless top with scarf collared shirt and flats
  5. Pick a next-level top style – if you’re planning on achieving a really posh look with your denim shorts, the best way to go is to pick a next-level top that’s ultra dressy and posh. Going for such a top will take the attention away from your denim shorts, making them so much easier to get away with.ultra dressy top song of style ultra dressy top
  6. Layer with outerwear – no matter what the season or the weather is, there will always be an outerwear that you can top off your outfit with to give your denim shorts a more posh look. I find that longer outerwear tend to nail the posh look more but shorter ones work fine, too.posh outerwear and denim shorts posh outerwear and ripped denim shorts



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