6 Ways to Flatter a Long Torso

If you’re a woman with a long torso, your body shape is a bit tricky to dress as you must ideally find altered tops and pants to fit your shape. Since a long torso can make your upper body look unbalanced, keep on reading for the ways to flatter your long torso.

  1. Wear wide belts to break the length of your torso.



Wide belts at the waist or even curved at the hips over the top of longer top or blouse will help to break up the space of your long torso. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, think of a belt color that will contrast with the shade of your outfit just like a brown belt with a yellow romper, yet make everything looks stylish. Or, just keep your waist defined with a black belt worn with a matching blazer and white jeans like fashion blogger Laura Dittrich did.

  1. Think of asymmetric or uneven hemlines to disguise your middle without making your legs look shorter.

asymmetric-top-with-shorts asymmetric-yellow-dress

Uneven hems whether curved, concave, or convex are also a great way of disguising your long rise without making your legs look short. Like Sydne Summer, opt for a dress or top with asymmetric hemline to look more fashionable over trying hard to conceal your flaws.

  1. Wear striped pants to make your legs look longer.

striped-gray-romper striped-pants-with-layered-top

If you have shorter legs, pinstriped pants will make your legs look longer as it balances your long torso. Just blend your shoes to your pants color to make your legs look longer. Or, opt for a romper with horizontal stripes at the top part and vertical stripes on the bottom like Sydne Summer wore, and wear it with low contrast sandals.

  1. Look for toppers that can elongate your frame in a monochromatic outfit.

all-black-outfit-with-white-coat white-dress-with-black-cape

A monochromatic outfit can create a vertical line to make your frame look taller. Like fashion blogger Laura Dittrich, think of an all-black outfit that can be flattered with a white cape, which creates a leaner and taller frame.

  1. Opt for a high-rise on your skirts, shorts, and trousers.

high-waist-flared-jeans-with-button-down-shirt high-waist-skirt-with-striped-top

Wear a high-rise bottom that’s more comfortable rather than a low rise that will just break up your proportions. Wear skirts rather than pants as you can’t see the length of your rise at all and skirts are easier to fit while concealing your long rise issue.

  1. Draw attention up to your face with a statement necklace, brooch, scarf, or earrings.

statement-necklace-with-white-dress hat-with-cobalt-blue-maxi-dress

Drawing attention to your face can be great to conceal your problem areas. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, wear a statement necklace or a wide brimmed hat with your chic dress to look more feminine yet more functional in hiding your flaws. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to flatter your long torso while feeling more confident in your style.

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