6 Ways to Dress for Fall When It’s Still Hot Out

Running around in a sundress and flip-flops was fun while it lasted, but now, it’s a bit colder and layers are required. Looking for ways to start wearing your favorite fall trends when temps are still topping 85 degrees? Straddle that hot and cool line with our 6 ways to dress for fall when it’s still hot out.

  1. Wear tall boots with short summer dresses.

boho dress with gray boots and hat

striped dress with bandeau with tall boots

If you still find delight in wearing your summer dresses, make them look fall-appropriate by teaming them with tall boots. This way, you’ll stand out because it’s stylish, while still showing enough skin to keep cool. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, think of a plunging V-neck dress that you can team with a sexy bandeau top and tall boots. Or, go carefree with a short bohemian dress teamed with tall boots like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein did.

  1. Try an ultra-lightweight sweater with a miniskirt or shorts.

black sweater with checkered skirt checkered sweater with leather skirt and edgy shoes

In a few short months, chunky sweaters and structured skirts will serve as cozy winter pieces, but for now, pair a lightweight sweater with a miniskirt or shorts for a breezy and cozy look. Like fashion blogger, Danielle Bernstein, go for a plain-and-print combination to look sleek and classy. Think of wearing a checkered sweater with a black leather skirt or a black sweater with a printed skirt.

  1. Team your crop tops with fall pieces.

cropped sweater with leather vest and culottes leather bandeau top with high waist pants and classic pumps

Crop tops may be a summer staple, but you may still wear them in the early fall when it’s still hot out. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may opt for a leather bandeau top that will go well with high-waist trousers. Or, look edgy with a cropped sweater and boxy culottes teamed with a leather vest like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick did.

  1. Wear a vest with your lightweight outfits.

chiffon dress with belted vest and peep toe grunge outfit with fall vest

If your chiffon shirt dress looks summer-inspired for the fall season, team it with a vest and perhaps belt it in a creative way to add some flair to your style. Or make your favorite grunge outfit of plaid shirt and miniskirt work in the fall season by wearing it with a vest and tall boots like fashion blogger Masha Sedgewick did.

  1. Go for light layers for fall.

camel coat with fall outfit sweater with chiffon top and socks with shoes

Since fall is all about wearing creative layers, take advantage of your lightweight outfits, even summer staples that you can wear in the colder months. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, wear a lightweight sweater and a shorter bottom, but team it with a camel coat. Or, think of a cropped sweater, chiffon blouse, and a miniskirt that you can wear with socks with shoes if tall boots are too hot for you.

  1. Look feminine and chic with a printed scarf.

purple dress with printed green scarf and red bag with shoes classy outfit with scarf

If wearing layers seem too hot for you, bring it on with a chic scarf that will make your style feminine, cozy, and classy. Indeed, dressing for fall is a means of getting creative wearing your summer-inspired pieces with a stylish twist.

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