6 Vital Fashion Pieces Every Woman Needs

Trends come and go, but there are certain vital fashion pieces every woman needs. Create a closet full of clothes that will look good on you for the years to come with these must-have style items.


Even if summer’s just around the corner, know that turtlenecks continue to be one of the vital fashion pieces every woman needs. The key to rocking this classic look despite the hot summer weather is to choose turtlenecks made from light, breathable materials. If you want, you can choose short-sleeved or sleeveless turtlenecks for a trendy Parisian chic look.

turtleneck outfit

turtleneck top

Off-Shoulder Pieces

One of the vital fashion pieces every woman needs is the off-shoulder item. Whether it’s a top or a dress, an off-shoulder item can make you look sexy – without revealing too much. If you’re tired of the usual romantic off-shoulder pieces, you can always go for unique styles, such as shirts with statement off-shoulder sleeves.

off shoulder topoff shoulder dress

Slip Dress

You might think of a slip dress as a sultry sleep time suit, but the fact of the matter is it is one of the vital fashion pieces every woman needs. Previously worn under shirts and what not, the slip dress is now one of the best items to have this summer. Usually made of silk and other ‘cool’ fabrics, a slip dress is something that can make you look fashionable – without causing you to break a sweat!

slip dress slip dress outfit

Bomber Jacket

Although the hot summer season is bound to come soon, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t love outerwear as they are vital fashion pieces every woman needs. If you want a jacket that can look good no matter what the season might be, then invest in a handful of bomber jackets! Apart from keeping you warm during the cold days, they can make you look cool during the humid seasons as well.

bomber jacket bomber jacket outfit

Flared Trousers

Flared trousers are some of the vital fashion pieces every woman needs. Why, you ask? Well, they are fashionably enduring – as they can make you look dignified no matter what age you are in. While neutral-colored flared trousers might be your top choices, you can always pack a colorful punch by choosing vibrantly-shaded flared trousers.

flared pants flared trousers

Frayed Denim Bottoms

Pants, shorts, or skirts – when it comes to hemlines, nothing beats the timelessness of frayed denim bottoms. Although it’s very casual, frayed denims are versatile vital fashion pieces every woman needs. You can glamorize the look – despite its informal nature – by wearing it such with dressy tops or luxe tights.

frayed denim outfitfrayed skirt

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