6 Unique Cover-ups for your Swimsuits

Unique cover-ups for your swimsuits need not be limited to knitted sheer tops and what not. There are other great toppers that can keep you warm and concealed, and here are some of them:

Button-Down Top

A button-down top is not just for work, as these office tops can work as unique cover-ups for your swimsuits. You don’t have to worry about finding one in the mall as there is a variety for you to choose from – right in your closet. You can wear it sans buttons, and you can button them up if it gets too chilly for your taste. With this unique cover-up, you can create multiple looks with just one top.

button down top

button down cover up


Rompers are cute items that you can wear this entire season. But apart from being a go-to option for casual wear, did you know that rompers serve as good unique cover-ups for your swimsuits as well? Whether it’s a long-sleeved romper – or an off-shoulder one such as the examples below – you can get the full coverage that you need with a romper cover-up.

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Peasant Blouse

A peasant blouse is one of the vintage items that you will often see this summer. As one of the popular retro trends, a peasant blouse is something you shoulder consider as unique cover-ups for your swimsuits. If you don’t mind showing your lower body, a peasant blouse is a good option for unique cover-ups for your swimsuits.

peasant blouse peasant top

Denim Skirt

If you are in need of non-sheer bottoms to cover your swimsuit, then a good choice would have to be your denim skirt. Whether pencil or A-line, a denim skirt truly is one of the good ideas for unique cover-ups for your swimsuits.

denim skirt

Sheer Jacket

Jackets are not just for the colder seasons, as they can be used as unique cover-ups for your swimsuits as well. This summer, the best jacket to use in the beach is a sheer one – as it can provide appropriate coverage without rendering you sweaty all throughout your beach romp.

sheer jacket

Sheer Skirt

Apart from the sheer jacket, another one of the good ideas for unique cover-ups for your swimsuits is the sheer skirt. This is something you’ll love to wear if you like flaunting your top and concealing your bottom. If a sheer skirt is too sexy for your daily wear, then go ahead and use it as unique cover-ups for your swimsuits.

sheer skirt sheer skirt outfit

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