6 Tips to Get Your Wardrobe Music Festival-Ready

With the cold days of winter almost coming to an end, we are all looking forward to sunny days and warm weathers ahead. If there’s one thing that makes a lot of young fashionistas excited for the warmer days ahead, it’s the music festivals. While technically they’re a summer thing, there are a few that start during the spring as well; Coachella, one of the most popular music festivals, is one of them. If you’re planning on going to any of these fun events soon, check out these tips to get your wardrobe music festival ready.

  1. Start thrifting – even if you don’t go thrift shopping regularly, it’s just one of those places you have to visit every once in a while and there’s no better time to go in that thrift shop and scour the racks than now. Thrift shops are a gold mine for Boho-style pieces and, as you know, the Boho style is super popular during music festivals.chic skirt for music fest
    chic prnted dress
  2. Bring the fringes out – another thing that’s considered a ‘must’ for music festival outfits are fringes. If you’ve already started planning out your outfits for the music festival, make sure to add some fringe details to your look here and there for a cool and casual look that’s perfect for the event.fringe suede jacket gigi hadid halter bralette and fringed shorts
  3. Do some shopping for head gear – no music festival look is complete without something to dress up your hair with. Whether it’s a hat, a flower crown, a dainty hair chain kind of jewelry or whatever else you feel like pairing with the outfits you’ve planned, head gear is just something you shouldn’t be without.super chic hat kylie jenner
  4. Make the little details count – if you’re not a big fan of Boho / gypsy fashion, you can always don whatever looks and feels good for you and give your look that music fest vibe by adding little details and making them count. Accessories, flash tattoos, jewelry – these are just some of the things you can tweak to get that music fest vibe.simple but fun music festival look gorgeous lace dress
  5. Experiment with scarves- scarves are an indispensible accessory during music festivals. Some wear them as turbans to protect their hair from the sun, others wear them like a headband or as a ponytail, some use it simply to accessorize their look. However you want to wear it, just make sure you have at least one on hand.scarf with fringe scarf bandana
  6. Bring you sunglasses A-game on – if there’s one place to bring the best of your sunglasses, it’s a music festival. Sunglasses are more than just accessories during these events – they’re protection from the sun and the sand, too!stacked bracelets and flash tattoos gorgeous summer look for music festivals


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