6 Time-Tested Styling Tips on How to Look Chicer

Looking chic is the goal of all women. If you want to maintain your ‘fashion girl’ status at work or at school everyday, then do consider these time-tested styling tips on how to look fly all the time.

Wear the Best of all Worlds

Silk, fur, suede – they have different textures but they look good together, nonetheless! Instead of sticking with a single style, one of the styling tips that you should try out is wearing these diverse items altogether! Multiple textures in one attire will definitely make you look like you are an off-duty model.



Mix Prints with More Prints

Wearing different prints is deemed tacky by many. However, you can pull off a unique look as long as you follow the styling tips on how to look chicer. When it comes to a print on print look, ensure that there is a common theme between the two styles. It can be a color or a certain shape. These unifying designs can help you create a chic, coherent look.

printed-outfit printed-attire

Neutralize it

Neutral colors might look boring, but you can upgrade your look to a whole new level by mixing and matching different neutral hues. White, brown, blue, or black – you can wear them all or assemble an outfit with 1 or 2 colors. Whatever your choice might be, you’ll surely look nice with these neutral styling tips.

neutral-outit neutral-attire

Make it Pop

A monochromatic attire is one of the best ways to look simple and chic wherever you might be. However, if a one-color outfit is just too plain for you, make sure to incorporate ‘colorful’ items along the way. A pop of color is one of the best styling tips that can help enhance the look of your monochromatic outfit.

monochrome-attire monochrome-outfit

Go Short and Big

Summer is not yet over, so make sure to make the most of this season’s styling tips. One such trick you should follow is the wearing of shorter dresses with bigger prints. Not only will it make you look more fashionable, it can help you rise above the rest as well!

short-printed-dress short-dress

Tie it

A classic button-down polo is a fashion savior, without a doubt. Perfect for formal and casual outings, it can make you look fashionable and respectable all at the same time. If you want to play with it for old time’s sake, then don’t close a few buttons below. Instead, gather them together and knot ‘em! This can help you achieve an instantly sexy look, especially if you tie your blouse in a way that it appears as a crop top.

knotted-button-down tied-top

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