6 Strategies for Buying Clothes without Draining Your Budget

Whether you dress for comfort or you dress to show off, shopping for clothes is one of the habits that can drain your budget. Minimizing your clothing budget while still dressing well might be a challenge. So, keep on reading to adopt some strategies for saving money.

  1. Start at low-end retailers.

casual outfit with duffel coat

winter outfit with green coat

If you usually start shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, and the like you’re on a good way for saving money. Even if you browse through a thrift store and find absolutely nothing that works for you, you can move on as a gem is waiting just around the corner. A great thing if you find even one or two items that work for you at a thrift store, you’ll save 80% or more off of the original cost of the item then the stop was well worth it.

  1. Buy quality clothing items.

orange coat with pants and nude heels winter white outfit with camel boots and bag

You’re better off buying clothing items from good brands with a reputation for well-made items. The first thing to look for is the seams as it differs a well-made clothing item from a cheaply-made one where the expensive ones are usually perfectly straight, and any patterns should match up well at the seams. Also, there aren’t strings dangling off and it doesn’t look like you could easily rip it apart with a tug. Keep an eye on the material and try to stick to natural fibers and blends that last a long time.

  1. Buy current sizes, not “goal” sizes.

hippie outfit with black tights pastel blue outfit with red bag

Sometimes women are tempted to buy clothes a bit smaller than their current size just to use it as some sort of motivator to get in better shape. Focus your clothing dollars on items that are useful, not motivational as it’s not an effective use of your money. If you actually need to return a new item because it doesn’t fit well, it’s going to feel a lot better taking something that’s too big to a tailor than returning something that’s too small.

  1. Buy for opposite seasons.

gray coat with leather trousers yellow coat with nude pants

A good shopping trick is you can find new quality clothes that match the prices of the better consignment shop items when you buy during opposite season. If you usually buy most of your summer clothes in early fall or most of your winter clothes in early spring, you’re doing great.

  1. Take advantage of sales smartly.

all white outfit with green scarf hippie boho winter outfit

The best way to use a clothing sale is to fill a slot in your wardrobe to replace an item that’s on the way out. This way, you’re keeping your clothing spending in check is to limit the size of your wardrobe. Just keep a certain number of each clothing category, then only add new ones when old ones need to be replaced.

  1. Practice appropriate clothes care.

boho winter outfit rainbow striped coat with winter outfit

To make your clothes last longer, follow the directions on the tag. The key to practicing appropriate clothes care is to know exactly how to best care for the different types of clothes. In terms of maximizing the life of your clothes, a few clothing care strategies work really well just like avoid washing your jeans and other sturdy garments every time but wash them when they’re actually dirty. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to shop for clothes and make them last longer without draining your budget.

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