6 Shirt Dresses Perfect for Work and Play

Shirt dresses are the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you want something that’s both chic and comfy. They’re very versatile and easy to style, making them really good for days when you don’t have the time or energy to create a complex outfit but still want to look super chic and fab. They’re also great for girls who love mixing work and play with their wardrobe. Here are some shirt dresses that you should shop for now.

  1. Denim shirt dress – a denim shirt dress is the perfect way to combine work and play. There are countless ways to style one and all you need to do is change up what you wear it with to create a different look every time. Wear it with sneakers and tie a sweater around the waist for a cool and laid back vibe or with heels and chic accessories for a look that’s ready for the office.denim shirt dress for work
    denim belted shirt dress
  2. Crisp white shirt dress – a crisp white shirt dress is a must for every woman’s closet. Create a black and white ensemble for a sophisticated look, with denim for a classic casual outfit, or with gold for a dressy, fancy look. There are so many other looks you can create with just this one piece.white shirt dress long white shirt dress crisp and clean
  3. Body con shirt dress – For a more chic and sexier look, go for a body con shirt dress. It’s perfect for so many things like wearing it to work with a blazer, to a night out, a date, and so much more. They’re also great for those who aren’t big fans of the loose fit of usual shirt dresses.bodycon shirt dress with leather jacket bodycon shirt dress with asymmetrical hem
  4. Maxi shirt dress – for a slightly dressier look, go for a maxi shirt dress. Now, this is the perfect shirt dress for work and play. You can wear it on its own with flats or even flip flips for an everyday casual look, go for on with a high slit and wear it with heels for a sexy outfit or dress it up with jeans for a cool, fashion forward ensemble.maxi shirt dress in black maxi shirt dress with stripes
  5. Button up shirt dress – this one is great if you want something a little more polished-looking since the button up detail and the collar can really dress up the look but it’s great for creating street style outfits, too.button up baby doll shirt dress button up shirt dress in military green
  6. Striped shirt dress – if you think plain and neutrals shirt dresses are boring but you still want something simple and subtle, a striped shirt dress is what you need. It’s as good as a neutrals shirt dress but is much more lively and interesting. It’s also really easy to style, too.striped shirt dress with army green jacket striped white and blue shirt dress


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