6 Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look Messy (and How to Avoid Them)

When you’re trying to make a good impression whether on a job interview, dinner date, or even on your casual weekend, you have to look polished and sleek. So keep on reading for the 6 outfit mistakes that make you looks messy and how to avoid them.

  1. Off-white whites and discolored clothing

black and white chiffon blouse with skinny jeans

tweed jacket with white jeans

Faded clothes and off-white whites are a common culprit. Generally, it’s a result of laundry mistakes as not washing whites in their own load or not sorting your laundry by color. “The colder the temperature, the better, since warm water tends to break down fibers and fade clothes faster,” says Steve Boorstein, author of The Clothing Doctor’s 99 Secrets to Cleaning and Clothing Care.

  1. Pants that drag and frayed hems

boyfriend jeans with loose top fringed leather jacket with flared jumpsuit

This one can be tricky, especially when you don’t have the time to hem pants based on every heel height in your closet. Frayed hems are the result of a poorly tailored item due to wear and tear. So, decide which shoes you’ll wear with a certain pair of pants most often, and bring them with you to the tailor. If you’re worried you might go too short, ask your tailor to leave a bit of room on the hem so you can always drop it when needed.

  1. Haphazard ironing and wrinkles

pencil skirt with white shirt and denim jacket statement shoes with minimalistic outfit

If you’re heading to a job interview or special event, pay special attention to the collars and buttons. These features frame your face and if your top is made of cotton, it’s a fabric that is notoriously unforgiving when it comes to wrinkles. Iron and steam your items of clothing, especially when made from cotton. However, anything made of linen was made to be worn with minimal effort, so you may think of it.

  1. Carrying too many bags

denim jacket with casual outfit and woven bag turtleneck shirtdress with sneakers

Don’t pack for work like you’re leaving on a two-week trip. Instead, find a structured bag that’s big enough to fit your essentials, but looks sleek enough. The goal is to make your outfit look deliberate as carrying a plastic bag with you everywhere shows that you tried to fit everything into your purse, but fell a bit short. If you tote your laptop back and forth to work, look for a bag that can accommodate it. On the other hand, if you like to carry a clutch bag, make sure it fits all of your essentials.

  1. Poorly fitted shoes and clothes.

leather jacket with skirt and white boots white jeans with tank top and blazer

When you fall in love with a pair of shoes or clothes at the store, it’s tempting to buy them even if they’re not your exact size. Unfortunately, a too big or too small pair of shoes will wear out faster than ones that fit well. Also, if you buy an ill-fitting outfit, you’ll keep on pulling and prodding on them. For shoes, always buy your comfortable size, and for clothes, take it to a tailor to remedy the problem.

  1. A pilling shirt or sweater.

tweed jacket with vintage outfit tweed jacket with jeans and heels

Nothing feels better than a well-worn sweater. However, when fuzzy pills take over, it’s time to remove pills from fabric. Simply stroke pills with the blade and watch them disappear. This way, you’ll keep your style comfortable yet polished. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to avoid the outfit mistakes and make your style look polished and sleek all the time.

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