6 Must Haves for Going from Winter to Spring in Style

With spring officially just a few days away, I’m pretty sure you’ve already started going through your closet to start tossing out some winter staples that you won’t be using anymore. Taking your wardrobe from winter to spring can be quite the purge. There are so many stuff from winter that you won’t be needing at all for spring but there are also a few that you could stretch some more use out of and wear until,  at least, the early days of spring when the weather can be a little unpredictable. Here is a list of must haves for going from winter to spring in style to help you out.

  1. A trench coat – you don’t need a lot of these in your closet if you’re transitioning from winter to spring; just one piece in a neutral color will do. A trench coat is perfect for topping off your dressy outfits with. Pick out one that’s not too heavy nor too light to last you until mid-spring.trench coat and white dress
    trench coat in pastel blue
  2. Denim jacket – denim jackets are essentially perfect for any wardrobe all year round. it’s that one piece of clothing item that should never leave your closet no matter what time of year. The great thing about denim jackets, aside from being wearable all year round, is that they’re pretty versatile as well and works with just about any look.denim jacket and hat for spring denim jacket and neutral outfit
  3. Ankle boots – tall boots are perfect for winter but if you want something that you can wear into the early days of spring, I would suggest going for ankle boots. They keep your feet warm like any other boot style would but they’re lighter and more perfect for spring.ankle boots and slitted maxi dress ankle boots and basic outfit
  4. Cardigan – you used to layer them under heavier outerwear but on their own, cardigans are actually the perfect outerwear to top off your spring outfits with. They’re light enough to keep you from sweating but also enough to keep you warm on a chilly spring day.cardigan with all neutral colors cardigan light knits
  5. Long sleeved shirts and dresses – spring may have the promise of warmer days ahead but the earlier days can be still quite chilly which is why long sleeved shirts and dresses from your winter wardrobe should have a good week or two of staying in your closet.long sleeved pastel dress long sleeved stripe shirt
  6. Scarves – go ahead and keep your chunky knitted scarves but keep the lighter ones because they’ll still come in handy for early spring when you want something to wrap yourself around in to keep you warm during a chilly day.scarf in blue scarf with prints and basic shirt and jeans outfit


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