6 Fashion Tips to Make Your Waist Look Smaller

Wearing lots of layer can be fashionable at some times, and can be a trick to make your waist smaller. However, overdoing it will create bulky layers that can actually make you look heavy and wide. Looking for tricks to make your waist look smaller without covering up too much? Keep on scrolling for our 6 fashion tips.

  1. Play with colors.

color paneled navy dress with pumps

side paneled dress pink dress with side panels floral dress with panels

Have you ever wondered why designers and brands spend hours on picking just the right shade for their design? Sometimes, it’s not always about the trends but also about the visual illusion colors will give the wearer. When picking for dresses or outfits, keep in mind that light colors highlight and dark colors conceal. You may go for black side paneled dresses to make you look slimmer. If you’re going to wear color blocked outfit, make sure the lines are on the top or the bottom of your waist. Again, make sure that the color contrast of the separates will make your waist area look smaller.

  1. Go for a flattering silhouette.

bodycon-mermaid-dress-with-ankle-strap-shoes sexy-body-con-dress-with-pumps gray body con dress with classic pumps fit and flare dress with structured bag and classic pumps fit and flare dress with cute sunglasses wrap dress with comfy sandals

Watching your silhouette can make wonders to how your waist looks. Wrap dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, and high-waist bottoms are great for showing off your slim waist. Forget the traditional waistlines and go higher or lower waistlines that will look flattering for you. For instance, wrap dresses with V-neck will make you look thinner as your shoulders get more exposure while emphasizing your slim waist. If you have pear or even straight body shape, fit-and-flare dresses will look on you by giving you a defined waist while adding some curves to your hips.

  1. Select high-waist skirts, trousers, and shorts.

burgundy plunging top and high waist leather skirt with envelope clutch cropped lace top with high waist leather skirt cool sandals with culottes and color blocked top

High waist bottoms like pencil skirts, full skirts, pleated skirts and jeans and shorts also highlight your slim waistline. Just keep in mind to pick firm or form-hugging fabrics, otherwise your outfit might result in a baggy look, which is the exact opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish. High-waist bottoms must sit nicely on the thinnest part of your waist to make you look slim and sexy. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, going for a fitted V-neck top and form-hugging pencil skirt will show off your womanly curves in a sexy but demure way.

  1. Play with stripes.

chevron top with pencil skirt and striped pumps striped top with mini skirt and classic pumps striped top with flowy midi skirt striped top with leather skirt and blue pumps

It’s not just about colors and silhouette as some prints can also be a great trick for making your waist look smaller. Vertical stripes and chevron can be perfect, especially if it’s in the form-fitting silhouette. Do not ever wear horizontal stripes, unless you’re going to wear them with high-waist bottoms, as they will make you look fuller. If you’re in love with a different print, you might want to avoid huge patterns and large polka dots that will only make you look fuller.

  1. Wear blazers, coats, jackets, or vest on your base outfit.

blazer with white top and striped skirt mustard dress with blazer pink top with pink tweed blazer and short neon denim shorts with blazer striped dress with blazer

When picking your blazer, you must consider the color of your outfit and blazer, as well as the silhouette of your outerwear. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may wear a bright pink blazer with a black top that will create a vertical illusion of a slimmer waist. Go for blazers that are perfectly structured in the shoulder and hip area, thus making your waist appear smaller in comparison. Cropped and fitted blazers are also great to conceal your waist, while coats will let the attention flow right onto your legs.

  1. Wear stylish and functional accessories.

brown belt and shoes with black wrap dress black pumps with striped top and skinny pants pink dress with nude shoes

Some accessories like belts can do the same trick of a fitted blazer while brightly colored jewelry, scarves or handbags are eye-catching enough to draw attention away from your problem area. If you’re not a fan of bright colors, you may pick a bag that’s not bulky or oversized, but with some structure to define your curves when carrying them. High heels, especially nude pumps will make your body look lean, your legs elongated, and your waist smaller.

These are great tricks to make your waist look smaller. So be confident and fashionable on your street style while showing off your slim waist.

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