6 Easy Updates That Can Make Your Suit Look Expensive

A few styling tips and low-cost alterations can make any off-the-rack suit look like a million bucks. Whether you’re dressing up for the office or extending your work outfits on a weekend wear, keep on reading for the 6 easy updates that can make your suit look expensive.

  1. Resort to classic colors.

plaid suit with button down shirt

burgundy suit with heels

Though you can be safe with neutrals like charcoal gray, white, black, and navy blue, you can still go for classic shades of burgundy, pastel, and even printed suits, especially if you’re working in a creative office. If you’re working in a conservative office, the hardware on your belt should match any other metal accessories you have on, such as your watch.

  1. Make sure it fits your shoulder perfectly.

pastel suit with mary jane shoes tweed suit with boots

Though you can take a store-bought suit jacket to a tailor, purchase one that fits your shoulders perfectly. According to Richard Aviles, president of Bridge Cleaners and Tailors in Brooklyn, New York, altering the shoulders is labor intensive and could be very costly. “If you buy the jacket and the shoulders are as close to perfect as possible, then the rest of the jacket will be fairly simple to tailor,” he says. If the shoulder pad extends beyond your natural shoulder, then it’s too large. On the other hand, if you feel constricted and see a dimple in the fabric between the shoulder pad and your bicep, then it’s too small.

  1. Get the perfect sleeve length.

gray suit with clogs winter white suit with navy coat

“The ideal sleeve length is three to three and a half inches up from your thumb’s largest knuckle,” says Aviles. If you wish to shorten your sleeves, pay attention first to the functioning buttonholes on the bottom of each sleeve as your tailor can only shorten it from the bottom about ¾ inch.

  1. Choose pants for the way they fit your waist, not for their length.

checkered blazer and suit with white top pastel suit with white button down shirt

“Hemming is the easiest possible alteration,” says Aviles. So, if the pants are too long, your tailor can always hem them. When it comes to length, you may opt for a hem with no break or a slight break which is most traditional.

  1. Mind your buttons.

pinstripe suit with architectural pants and loafers classy gray suit with metallic silver pumps

Be careful on your buttons when sitting and standing. As a rule of thumb, button the top button while you stand, and unbutton it when you sit on a two-button suit. On the other hand, button the middle button on a three-button suit when you stand, and unbutton it when you sit.

  1. Find a reputable tailor.

modern chic all white suit lavender business suit with pumps

The perfect fit that a great tailor can give you makes all the difference in how you look in your suit. “You can have a $10,000 suit that fits poorly and looks terrible or a $450 suit that looks like a million bucks,” says Aviles. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to look more professional on your office looks and more polished on your casual weekend.

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