6 Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf for Summer

Just because scarves are on the top spot for winter accessories doesn’t mean you can’t wear them for summer anymore. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to wear those chunky knit scarves under the hot summer sun so opting for light scarves is always the best way to go. If you live somewhere where the temps rise up real high during the summer time, you may think that a scarf won’t be of any use to you but you’re wrong. Check out these creative ways to wear a scarf for summer.

  • Basic – let’s start off with the basic way to wear your scarf: around your neck. There are so many cute ways to tie your scarf but if it’s too warm outside, you can always just sort of ‘hang’ the scarf on your neck and let both ends dangle. This is a great way to liven up a simple daytime look.

summer scarf tie

light and sheer summer scarf

  • Belt – got a skinny waist? You’re lucky because you can literally just take anything and wrap it around your waist like a belt and that includes a nice scarf. If you have a scarf with cute prints and patterns and amazing colors on it, go ahead and tie it around your waist like a belt. It’s not meant to hold up your jeans or anything but rather just to add a nice pop of color to your look.

white dress and scarf belt anne hathaway belt scarf

  • Bandana – windy day outside? Don’t let this ruin your hair and get it all tangled up and messy. Take a cute little scarf and wear it on your head like a bandana to keep your hair from flying in all directions while you’re outdoors. This is also a great way to help keep your hair away from direct sun exposure, especially at the beach.

cool summer scarf bandana head scarf bandana

  • Headband – if you want a more feminine way to wear a scarf on your head, you can also wear it as a headband. There are plenty of ways to do this but my favorite one is to roll up the scarf into a rope-like form and then tie it around my head. It looks more creative and girly than just slapping it on and tying it whichever way.

bandana headband with bow silk scarf headband

  • Bag accessory – everyday purses are almost always very simple, basic and neutral in color just because it makes them easier to match with any outfit that way but sometimes, when you have an equally plain and simple outfit on, you’ll want some gorgeous colors added to the mix so why not tie that beautiful scarf on the handle of your purse and see how it instantly transforms your everyday ordinary purse into a statement piece.

scarf tied on bag blue scarf on brown patent bag

  • Cover up – want to look stylish at the beach but don’t have much money to buy new stuff? Well, if you’re a beach bum, I’m pretty sure you already have a plethora of bikini tops and bottoms so why not just mix and match to create a quirky pair? As for your cover up, just use your scarf. Wrap it around your waist like a sarong or fashion it up into a cardigan-like cover up.

beach cover up crochet scarf as sarong


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