6 Creative Ways to Style Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have long become a wardrobe staple for many fashion loving ladies and while a good pair of wide legged pants feel good every once in a while, nothing beats the feeling of denim hugging your legs and making them look a lot more shapely and slender – something that only a pair of skinny jeans can give you. If you haven’t already succumbed to the trend that is skinny jeans or if you’re simply looking for new ways to wear them, check out these creative ways to style them.

  1. Wear them white – blue skinny jeans are great and all but this spring, why not go light and go bright by wearing your skinny jeans in white? White skinny jeans are so much dressier, you can get away with wearing them to semi-formal events. They’re also really easy to mix and match with and they give off that sophisticated vibe you just won’t get from regular skinnies.white skinny jeans and coat with oversized flap
    white skinny jeans gigi hadidlong vest and jeans outfit
  2. With long spring outerwear – the combination of a pair of skinny jeans and a long outerwear for spring like a kimono cardigan, a coat or a vest is something that is guaranteed to make you look chic and posh. It also creates a longer silhouette for you, making you a little bit taller than you already are, especially when you’re wearing heels.long vest and jeans outfit
  3. With a bold printed top – jeans are plain and they tend to look boring sometimes so to make sure that your pair doesn’t end up looking blah, wear it with something interesting like a top with a bold print or pattern on it. The boldness of your top mixed with a rather mundane pair of skinny jeans, you’ll have yourself a knockout outfit that will make you stand out.printed elephant top printed floral top and skinny jeans
  4. With a dress – it might seem like an odd combination but this one actually works and has become quite the trend among bold style stars who aren’t afraid of thinking, or rather dressing, out of the box.dress yellow mustard and skinny jeans dress printed over jeans
  5. Cropped – a pair of skinny jeans cropped to the right length and paired with sexy heels is really all that you need to make yourself look taller and your legs look longer. However, cropped skinny jeans can also be your worst nightmare when not worn right. make sure to have it cropped by the skinniest part of your calf to get the effect.cropped skinny jeans
  6. With a skirt on top – early spring is still a little chilly so layering is still something that you can do to add warmth and style to your look at the same time. If you’re looking for a fresh new way to style your skinny jeans, why not layer a skirt on top? It’s going to give you an edgy but girly look that you’re sure to love.skirt over skinny jeans skirt with lace over skinny jeans


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