5 Ways to Wear a Miniskirt when It’s Cold Outside

The miniskirt is a very sexy piece of clothing item that is also a great excuse to show off long and/or toned legs. They’re perfect for the summer and spring time because they’re light and they don’t warm up the legs the way pants do plus they also give off a very girly, playful, almost flirty vibe to any outfit. I know miniskirt lovers and fans don’t like fall and winter too much because the cold weather leaves them with no choice but to say goodbye to their beloved piece but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Here are clever ways to wear a miniskirt when it’s cold outside.

  1. LAYER WITH TIGHTS – this is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to creating a warm and comfy outfit while wearing a miniskirt in fall or winter. Wearing tights underneath is a great way to layer your look if you want to achieve the flattering effect that miniskirts have on your legs without leaving your legs feeling cold. Opt for black tights whenever possible. They’re neutral so they go well with any style plus they will make your legs look leaner and longer compared to any other color.tights and miniskirts bff outfit idea
    tights with miniskirt and sneakers
  2. PAIR IT UP WITH KNEE-HIGH BOOTS – the combination of a miniskirt and knee-high boots has a very chic and playful vibe to it. It also reminds us very much of preppy style outfits which, I think, are perfect for fall. If you’re going after the preppy look, layer up a collared shirt under a pullover and then opt for an a-line or skater-style miniskirt and pair it up with knee high boots.knee high boots and miniskirt for winter knee high boots
  3. WEAR KNEE-HIGH SOCKS WITH IT – if you don’t own a pair of knee-high boots but you still want to get the preppy-ish look, one alternative styling trick that you can do is to wear knee-high socks instead. You can wear it with any kind of footwear you want, be it shorter boots, sandals or classic pumps.socks and red mini skirt socks and shoes with miniskirt
  4. TRY IT OUT WITH THIGH-HIGH BOOTS – for a sexier and flirtier look, opt for a pair of thigh-high boots instead. These will make your legs look even longer and will add a very subtle sultry hint to your look.thigh high patent leather boots and miniskirt thigh high leather boots and pleated miniskirt
  5. OPT FOR THICKER AND HEAVIER FABRICS – if you really want to keep wearing miniskirts in the fall and winter, it would help a lot if you could get yourself some that are made from thicker, heavier and warmer fabrics like wool, leather and even tweed.

thick leather miniskirt on miranda kerr thick miniskirt

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