5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe for Any Season

We put a lot of thought into refreshing our style and revamping our beauty routines, but what about a closet refresh? Winter will end soon while warmer breezes and bright skies mean it’s time to edit your cold-weather wardrobe. To help you rethink your style and your wardrobe, let’s scoop some tricks from Jill Heller, a New York-based fashion stylist to know exactly how to start transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring.

  1. Define your personal style.

casual outfit with white blazer

embroidered jeans with tee and jacket dressy outfit with architectural sandals

Each of us has our own unique style, but we may be making purchases on a whim that aren’t in line with the fashion we truly love. Heller suggests taking out your journal to define your style profile. Like fashion blogger Johanna Olsson, you may be drawn toward basic ensembles like a tee and jeans dressed up with a white blazer. “Determine your favorite silhouettes, colors, budget, fashion tendencies, and what clothing makes you feel the best,” said Heller. “Define what you would like to communicate with your clothes personally and professionally from the inside out,” she added.

  1. Purge your closet of everything that no longer serves you.

camel sweater with white pants and sneakers puffer jacket with effortlessly cool outfit

We’ve all held onto dresses, tops, shirts, pants and such that we never wear yet that take up valuable space in our closets and dresser drawers. In order to truly transform and transition your wardrobe, you must start with a clean slate. “Purge your closet of everything that no longer serves you,” she said. “Streamline, organize and eliminate pieces you no longer wear with comfort and confidence. Removing clutter will allow you to easily dress every day, simplifying one aspect of your daily life,” she added.

  1. Toss or donate pieces that can be another woman’s treasure.

gray coat with ankle boots skinny jeans with modern jacket

Disposal of the items you edit out of your closet is the next step in your wardrobe cleanse. “Donate gently worn high-end items to a consignment shop and donate the rest of the items to organizations,” says Heller. Remember, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

  1. Reflect on how you’ll continue to keep a wardrobe filled with clothes that bring you joy.

colorful tribal print matching set quilted matching set with graphic tee

Reflect on what you have you discovered during the process of editing and how you’ll continue to keep a wardrobe filled with clothes that bring you joy. Like fashion blogger Ania Boniecka, you may keep some trendy pieces that resonate with your personal style like a quilted matching set of blazer and skirt that you can wear with your favorite tees. “You can creatively repurpose existing clothing that you feel great wearing, by updating it with something new and seasonal,” said Heller. By doing this, you can progress with your plan for filling in your wardrobe.

  1. Find wardrobe ensembles that will stand the test of time.

fall coat with all black outfit all white outfit with denim jacket

When transitioning your wardrobe, you should find wardrobe ensembles that will stand the test of time. “Choose items that are designed to last longer and are well-constructed,” says Heller. “For spring and summer, women should consider investing in a classic trench coat, a lightweight cashmere sweater, a white, navy and black silk blouse, the perfect black blazer from day to night, a silk scarf, good jeans, a white oversized tee and a basic belt, white sneakers, and a carry-all tote, with sunglasses. Kaftans are so wonderful to wear to the beach, or to a cafe, or an evening out with a nice wedge.” By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to transition your wardrobe successfully regardless of the season you’re in.

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