5 Ways to Show Skin without Looking Scandalous

Summer is the perfect and justified reason to show some skin, which will make your warm-weather outfits stylish and functional. Whether you’re heading to the summer weddings, garden parties, or dinner dates, keep on reading for our 5 ways to show skin without looking scandalous.

  1. Start with off-the-shoulder styles.

breezy white off shoulder dress

ruffled off shoulder dress with slip on sandals off shoulder navy dress with jeans and scarf

Sexy yet classic, an off-shoulder dress or top can be your best choice to show some skin without looking scandalous as it only reveals your collarbones and not your cleavage. However, think of altering the look that works for you especially if you have wide shoulders and well-endowed bust. Going for off-shoulder dresses and tops will ruffles that run on your bust line can be great to add some volume on your chest visually.

  1. Resort to sheer fabrics like lace or mesh.

sheer black dress with sailor cap mesh skirt with white top lace top with burgundy skirt

Lace may be inherently sweet, but the glimpse of skin it provides adds an inviting element. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, opt for a lace blouse that will look elegant with a midi length skirt. If you may, go for a nude body suit or just a cropped bra top underneath for a flirty look. Also, you may think of sheer panels on your outfits that can be a demure way to show skin. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may opt for a mesh skirt with a considerable lining that will show some legs without going provocative.

  1. Pick one asset to flaunt and leave the rest conservative.

backless long sleeved dress keyhole jumpsuit with sandals keyhole halter maxi dress backless nude jumpsuit

What’s so alluring about just a sliver of leg or a hint of shoulder? You get a peek, but not the whole package, which leaves the interested party wanting more. If you’re picking a sexy style of jumpsuit, you may go for tube, keyhole, v-neck, or backless style since it has conservative hemline. If you wish to show off your back with a backless dress, go for a maxi length perhaps a long sleeved style that will keep everything sexy yet not looking scandalous.

  1. Take advantage of cut-out details.

sexy gray cut-out turtleneck dress tie dye top with cut out skirt side paneled cut maxi dress

Cut-out styles on dresses, skirts, and tops are trendy this summer, so take advantage of them. If you wish to go for a cut-out dress on your sides, keep the neckline and hemline conservative. Also, a long sleeved top can balance the sexy vibe of a cut-out miniskirt.

  1. Top your revealing outfits with stylish outerwear.

statement necklace with chic outfit sheer top with trench coat sexy romper with vest

Whether it’s a structured blazer, classic trench coat, or a lightweight vest, a topper can make your revealing outfits appropriate without taking away the sexy vibe in you. When you’re wearing a chic romper with a tube neckline and short hemline, balance your looks with a long sleeveless jacket or vest that will add some elegant vibe to your style. Also, a crop top or a sheer blouse can look chic and sexy with a trench coat or a chic blazer. By following these tricks, you’ll be able to show skin without looking scandalous.

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