5 Ways to Layer with A T-Shirt this Fall

When the temps start to drop and you start to feel the cold creeping in, then you know it’s fall. Fall time is a really good time to get creative with fashion and style. It’s one of the best times of the year to really put your styling skills to the test, especially when it comes to layering. Personally, I don’t mind adding a few layers here and there to my outfits but I find that having the perfect balance between comfy and chic can be tricky. This fall, if you’re thinking of brushing up on your layering skills, why not start with a basic tee? Here are a few couple of ways to layer with a t-shirt for this season.

  1. Underneath a slip dress – who says you have to stop wearing those sexy slip dresses from summer this fall? Instead of freezing to death from wearing them on their own, though, why not layer a tee under it? It’s also a great way to get a more casual everyday vibe with your slip dress instead of the usual sexy, sultry look and fell.street-style-outfit-shirt-with-slip-dress
  2. With a vest – another way to layer up with a basic tee this fall is to wear one and top it off with a cute little vest. This combo is great for early fall when you don’t want anything too heavy or hot just yet but you still want to get a bit more warmth to keep yourself cozy and snug from the dropping temp.tshirt-and-oversized-vest-minimalist-style tshirt-and-denim-vest
  3. Paired with a blazer – dressing down for Friday at the office? Slip into your comfiest tee and don a smart blazer on for the perfect business casual look to end the workweek with. Finish off the look with some pumps and you’re good to go!blazer-and-shirt-fall-outfit blazer-and-tshirt-dressed-down-for-work
  4. Under overalls – overalls are the cutest and they’re the perfect piece of clothing to wear over a basic t-shirt because they can add so much spunk and quirkiness to it. What’s more is that, with the comeback of so many 90s trends, it’s not hard to make overalls work.overalls-and-black-tshirt overalls-and-wide-neck-shirt
  5. With a tank top – this is a great street style combo that you can pull off anywhere. It’s really simple to get away  with, too. If you’re looking for an outfit that’s cool and comfy but also has enough layers to keep you warm. layered-tank-top-style-and-tshirt layered-tshirt-and-tank-top



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