5 Ways to Dress to Influence with Jessica Joffe

There’s a saying “don’t dress to impress, dress to influence.” So many women don’t realize how much your way of dressing counts towards your perceived competence. It is essential to dress for the influence you want to have as if you’re wearing the ‘uniform’ of a successful person. As a style editor at New York power label Diane von Furstenberg, Jessica Joffe is known for her influential dressing. Wondering how to dress to influence in any field of work you’re in? Keep on reading to scoop some styling tricks from Jessica.

  1. Express your mood with your clothes.

all white outfit

chic blazer with jeans pastel green dress

Expressing your mood with the clothes you’re wearing is a means of getting effective in communication as well as dealing with people around you. “I’m always reluctant to describe my style or be specific about my look. I feel like the nice thing about being a woman is you can have different styles,” she said. Sometimes Jessica is spotted wearing jeans with a chic top, a flirty pastel dress, or even an all-white outfit that looks corporate-chic. Like her, express your mood with your clothes.

  1. Adopt a style uniform that suits your lifestyle.

cobalt blue dress floral print silk dress polka dots jumpsuit red printed dress with pumps

When adopting a style uniform, consider your daily activities and lifestyle. “In New York I am running around all the time – from home to the subway to the office. In the evenings, I might have a benefit or a fashion event. In winter, practical considerations dominate,” Jessica said. Maybe that’s why she is a fan of flat sandals and shoes. Apart from having a taller frame, she wishes for something comfortable, practical, and simple that she won’t look trying too hard. Jessica is always spotted in classic and professional outfits since she believes that the more flesh you show, the more credibility you lose and professional credibility doesn’t sit well with flesh on show.

  1. Make a fashion statement.

black and white lace dress color paneled dress red lace dress with ballet flats

“Working in fashion is less restrictive – I don’t have to wear a suit to work, or I can wear jeans, so I don’t really differentiate between a work and weekend wardrobe. That’s the great thing about clothing – it allows you to assert yourself or not assert yourself in certain ways,” she said. Take advantage of your work to make a fashion statement without getting a bit inappropriate to your workplace. If ever you have to wear a suit, then be creative on your color combinations on your office outfit, or simply incorporate statement accessories for them to make a statement for you.

  1. Occasionally incorporate trends to your looks.

bird-embroidered-dress red jeans with printed top sequin outfit with neon sandals

To avoid looking outdated, you may incorporate some trend that work for you like Jessica always does, but be mindful of falling into a trap of a fashion victim. “Trends are difficult – they are insidious. You like to think you are operating outside of trends and then you end up with the same thing that everyone else has. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing or a comfort. I am obsessed with culottes at the minute – and I love the new jean length that is everywhere – it’s like an ankle-length boot cut,” she said. Like her, you may be drawn to metallic sequins, flashy prints, bold colored jeans, novelty prints and such that can make your style more voguish and interesting. Remember, your style is a form of communication so be careful on wearing flashy prints to a more formal setting.

  1. Be experimental and bold to show off your personality.

statement skirt with black top oxfords with classic outfit leather outfit with blazer borrowed from boys outfit with sneakers

Style is a means of showing your personality through the clothes you’re wearing. So, if you wish to channel some artistic vibe, then go for watercolor prints, graphic prints, or even novelty prints while classic stripes and houndstooth are reserved for women with a classic personality. Jessica sometimes goes for unexpected outfit combinations like wearing a blazer with a leather outfit or teaming her dress with a turtleneck.

Whatever style you wish to have, not only dress to impress but dress to influence like Jessica always does.

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