5 Ways to Buy Clothes without the Retail Markup

There are many ways for savvy shoppers to avoid paying full retail prices, and you don’t even have to enter a store to get great deals on clothing. If you’re wondering on how to shop ’til you drop, and put together a chic wardrobe and still have money left in your wallet, keep on reading for the 5 ways to buy clothes without the retail markup.

  1. In-Store Promotions and Sales


denim-dress-with-scarf summer-maxi-dress

Retail stores often sell inventory that’s left over at the end of a season, or hundreds left in stock when the southern region had a milder winter than expected. The key is to get to know a sales associate at your favorite stores to help you take advantage of the best deals and markdowns. You may think of shopping for off season clothes so you’ll have them already while your friends are buying them at full price. Also, some store will hold onto them until they’re back in season, so you can score a warm coat at a great price. However, the merchandise that ends up in a discount store are sometimes flawed or fits poorly so better examine them carefully before buying.

  1. Flash Sales

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There are some discount sites that offer reduced pricing on designer goods to members only for a limited amount of time. This happens because some of the products are typically excess supply purchased from luxury retailers at a deep discount. To get the most out of flash sales, you have to know the sizing and quality of the brand you’re buying and understand the website’s return policies. You may also resort to online auction sites and online retailers that offer clothes at bargain prices.

  1. Outlet Stores

cold-shoulder-top-with-button-front-skirt wide-leg-pants-with-wrap-blouse

While these stores used to carry merchandise from the factory with small flaws or defects, many stores today feature items made especially for the outlet store. Careful shopping is a great way to buy name brands at a bargain price. Just examine every piece you’re about to buy to avoid falling into the trap of buying unnecessary buys.

  1. Thrift and Consignment Stores

cobalt-blue-sandals-with-white-full-skirt-and-black-top suede-skirt-with-off-shoulder-top-and-skinny-scarf

Take a look around thrift and consignment stores in your neighborhood for great prices on designer goods. Some shoppers clean their closets every season to make room for new threads, while others are getting rid of great items they no longer need due to lifestyle changes.

  1. Loyalty Discounts

lace-up-bodysuit-with-slit-denim-skirt printed-blanket-scarf-with-sneakers

There’s so much competition among retail stores as some of the offer sales every week, especially to coupons to cardholders, as well as loyalty discounts that you may take advantage of. By knowing these smart shopping tricks, you’ll save money while getting the most of what you pay for.

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