5 Tricks for Looking More Polished All the Time

Some women have a knack of looking constantly polished. However, we believe that anyone can achieve a put-together look that will make you feel confident on your style and a good inspiration for others around you. Whether it’s ensuring your blouse is rid of wrinkles or your favorite leather bag steers clear of scratches, we’ve got a handful of ideas that we bet will prove useful. Keep on scrolling on our 5 tricks for looking more polished all the time and add elegance to your looks.

  1. Get the perfect fit.

collared top with straight leg pants

wrap romper with belt green sweater with leather skirt gray sweater with white pants

Simple and basic, yet many fail to adhere to the classy trick due to the influence of trends, modern fashion, and laziness. Remember, having a great fit of any outfit will give you a great impression of yourself. Though wearing slouchy with slouchy and oversized with oversized may seem trendy nowadays, still, it won’t make you look polished. Getting the perfect fit includes wearing the flattering dress style for your shape, picking the perfect neckline, as well as highlighting your waist with a belt or a clingy top. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may think of balancing your wide hips by going for a form-fitting top and a pair of wide leg-pants accentuating your womanly curves naturally.

  1. Select flattering color combinations.

all black outfit with nude pumps peach blazer with neutral outfit pastel blue blazer and slit skirt office outfit with boxy pants

Wearing unexpected color combinations on your outfits may sound trendy, but they won’t end up looking smart and classy. So, pick the flattering colors that look good on your skin complexion and team them with complementing shades. When you plan to wear a monochromatic outfit, simply contrast your fabric to bring some interest to your looks. Or simply opt for different shades of one hue and pick muted accessories to give some coordinating yet polished looks to you.

  1. Pick elegant and chic prints or patterns.

floral print skirt with pink top silk sailor inspired top with capri pants gold embellished dress floral skirt with crop top

Prints may give your outfits some fun, but not all patterns look elegant and chic. If you’re looking for a polished style, opt for classic prints including stripes, floral, checks and such in a good color combination. Leopard and other animal prints look perfectly polished and elegant in their natural hues. Anything loud and flashy won’t give you a sleek and polished look so skip those novelty and quirky prints if you’re aiming for an elegant style.

  1. Play with structures and proportions.

structured blazer with edgy outfit structured vest with chic outfit structured coat with pastel outfit structured bag with chic paneled dress

Whether you’re a fan of architectural outfits or voluminous silhouettes, always maintain your balance. A structured blazer or a bag can add some sleekness to whatever outfit you’re wearing. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may actually resort to a structured bag to add some sleekness to your printed outfit. However, a structured yet oversized coat won’t guarantee you a polished look. So, be mindful of the right fit for you.

  1. Less is more.

statement necklace with tulle maxi skirt and white sweater nude hat and bag with cobalt blue dress leather corset with blazer and printed clutch gold heels and clutch with embellished dress

Though layering necklaces and stacking rings may sound trendy, it won’t make you look classy and polished. Save that on your street style and go for a classy look when meeting professionals in your business-related activities. Remember, simplicity is beauty, so keep your elegance in place by going for one statement piece at a time. Indeed, looking more polished all the time can be easy and simple by heeding our styling tricks.

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