5 Styling Tips to Hide Your ‘Happy Tummy’ for the Holidays

When it comes to merrymaking and festivities, nothing beats the Holidays. With plenty of food and booze to be expected at parties during this time of the year, it’s almost inevitable to gain a few pounds here and there and have your tummy looking a tad ‘fuller’ than usual and to some, that means not being able to wear all their sexy and flattering outfits the same way. Don’t worry, though. With the right styling tricks and hacks, you’ll be able to wear anything you fancy without having to worry about that bulging belly. Here are some styling tips to help you hide your happy tummy for the holidays.

  1. WEAR A PRINTED BLANKET CAPE – you’ve always been known as the gal who knows how to keep up with the trends so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that you decide to wear one of fall’s hottest outerwear that is the blanket cape. They’re chic, they’re cozy and comfy and the best part is that they can hide a bulging belly in an instant.printed blanket cape
    printed burberry blanket cape
  2. AVOID FITTED CLOTHES – you may have a dress that hugs you in all the right places or a pair of jeans that accentuates your curves but when you know you’re going to a party where you have the tendency to get stuffed, wearing these are just not part of the options. Avoid tight-fitting clothes when going to holiday parties and events. If you want to wear a dress, go for a more forgiving silhouette like an A-line instead of a sheath or a pencil cut bottom. It’ll save you the hassle of trying to squeeze yourself into them later after you’ve tasted all the good eats.holiday outfit idea with sequin pantsholiday outfit idea simple dress by vince camuto
  3. TRICKY PRINTS AND PATTERNS – trick the mind and the eyes into seeing a totally flat tummy by opting for pieces that prints and patterns on them. The first option is to somehow confuse the eyes by mixing different prints in one look while the other is to use prints to create the illusion of a smaller midsection by wearing smaller and finer print design and details.print on print outfit for the holidaysprinted dress and boots
  4. LAYER UP – another really easy way to conceal a happy tummy is to add layers to your outfit. Layering not only hides a bulging belly, it also adds dimension to your look, helping you achieve a more stylish ensemble.layared holiday outfit layered look perfect for the holidays
  5. ENLIST THE HELP OF ACCESSORIES – don’t feel like putting too much effort in your outfit? No worries, you can hide your happy tummy with the help of accessories as well. A nice and chunky scarf that drapes down to the belly area can help conceal your tummy. You can also add statement accessories that will draw attention away from the area like a bold statement necklace or maybe even gorgeous killer heels.

accessories to conceal tummy accessorized for holiday parties


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