5 Style Lessons to Learn from Fashion Editors

Instead of stressing yourself about fashion trends that will look great on you, take lessons from fashion editors on how they deal with various rules and trends in practical ways. Fashion editors have worked with celebrities, supermodels, major designers, and top fashion magazines so they’re ahead of what’s trendy and fashionable.

  1. Fashion is about following trends, but style is about finding a look that works for you and sticking with it.


red-blazer-with-ripped-jeans leather-trousers-with-edgy-jacket

Remember that the trend cycle is so fast that nothing is ever “in” or “out” for that long. Just find what works for you and go with it as you’ll never be satisfied chasing trends. The clothing market is so large and varied that you can find pretty much anything you want as long as you are willing to look for it. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may opt for a pair of fringed sandals that can spice up your basic tee and skinny jeans. It may be basic, but more personal.

  1. Your “body type” does not dictate what trends look good on you.

leather-trousers-with-abstract-print-top-and-denim-vest sweater-dress-with-belt-and-boots

Some are fond of saying that certain trends only look good on tall or skinny women especially cropped trousers, midi skirts, culottes, wide-leg pants, and such, but that’s just not true as you can wear anything as long as you know how to style them right. If the fit, proportion, and styling are on point, then it doesn’t matter what size or shape your body is. If you think a shift sweater dress overwhelm your frame, think of cinching a belt to add some waist definition on your middle instead of avoiding shift dresses completely.

  1. Proper tailoring can make anything look like a million bucks.

hot-pink-asymmetric-dress-with-black-tights white-outfit-with-edgy-boots

Proper fit is the most important factor to make your outfit look good. That’s why professional stylists and fashion brands spend so much time pinning, clamping, and tailoring clothes on photo shoots. When going shopping, you should always look for a perfect fit that flatters your shoulders, bust, hips, and butt. If you don’t want to go to a tailor, look for clothes with a lot of stretch or stick to pieces that are just really loose to look effortlessly cool.

  1. Confidence and polish can really sell any outfit.

chic-top-with-skinny-jeans striped-blazer-with-shorts

It’s true that if you feel good, you will look good, but only to a point. The fact is, even a dress you love can still look sad if it’s wrinkled, so it must still look polished. Think of wearing fitted bottom with a billowy top, or vice versa to keep your silhouette sleek and polished.

  1. Less is more, simpler is better, and embellishments should be avoided at all costs.

white-blouse-with-striped-pants edgy-black-coat-with-vintage-outfit boxy-tunic-with-culottes-and-patent-boots

You should always save money by buying simple, basic pieces from more affordable brands as it’s hard to tell the difference between a $50 pair of jeans and a $400 pair of jeans. Only splurge on items with complicated constructions, elaborate prints, special fabrics, or embellishments that can make your style original and unique. By following these 5 style lessons from fashion editors, you’ll make your everyday looks effortless and practical.

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